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Provide additional value with Video

Customer now it starting to utilize Social Media to provide either a positive review, or a review that raise some concerns. In either case it is a challenge for the Hotel that can be turned into new opportunities.

The Hotel need to be at least in the same arena as the guest is. I recommend providing a follow up in several arenas.

In both these cases here it will be natural to follow up with a video. Both these videos is public on Youtube, so you can embeded them to your blog like I have done here. And then provide proper follow ups.

One of the important elements of customer service in todays markets is Social Storytelling. Many of us can remember back to how Domino’s Pizza very efficient did a follow up video in regards to a rather disturbing video some former employees shoot. This took care of what could have been a scenario where Domino’s Pizza could spent years dealing with this image. Instead they turned the situation around, and came out with a great new image of their product and service.

This is challenges that Hotels has the capasity to meet. And provides new opportunities that provide a different image of the Hotels service and products.

Video recommendation

Video cameras today is very inexpensive. And most of them will do the job for you. My personal preference is the Flip Mino HD. I just love this little tiny camera. And it is very easy to bring with me wherever I go. Plus I use my laptop to charge the batteries, and upload my videos. The Flip Video edit is easy to use, and helps me out when I need to edit my videos. And I am not very concerned about the audio or lightning. As you can see from the examples these elements don’t either play an important role here.

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YouTube Video Channel

There are several great Video channels out there where you post your videos. Here I will stick with YouTube. This is where you will find the largest audience for your message.

Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel at Are Morch – Hotel Advisor. I will take time to check out your channel.

Your Hotels Video Channel

What have your Hotel done to provide Social Stories through Video? If you have done some creative customer follow ups let us know!

Add your comments here with a link to your Video Channel.