How to introduce Social Media into Small Hotels

We learned in step one that it is important to be aware of some of the fears your Small Hotel will have when considering introducing Social Media.

The next step is to start identify your vision with introducing Social Media into the Hotel.

Identify your vision

What results do you expect by introducing Social Media?
How will Social Media turn areas of weakness into new opportunities?
How to maintain areas of strength, and learn from the values that brings out the best of the Hotel
How will Social Media improve customer satisfaction?
How will Social media help us discover new trends and market segments?
Will our customers be online?
How can we utilize Social Media to build better relationships and more trust with customers?
How will Social Media provide new sources of revenue?
How will Social Media improve internal communication?
Which Social Networks will be most beneficial for our hotel?
How do we measure and control this?
How should we involve employees?
How do we implement this new strategy?
How will this affect our daily routines?
How do we handle negative feedback?
How long should this process last before we can expect to see some results?


S – Specific – Make sure you are specific on your expectations regarding Social Media, and that this is within your Hotels vision. Social Media can assist you in providing premier customer experiences. Know your hotels window of opportunity and what you are capable of deliver.
M – Measurable – Creating listening outposts will create valuable control systems. Collect data of where and when your hotel is mentioned, and who is mentioning the hotel. Track your traffic from Social Media.
I – Idea – Involve your employees. Create a Hotel Idea Wall for how to utilize and improve the Hotels usage of Social Media. Let your employees have Social Media channels and provide their profiles on Hotel website/blog.
L – Learning – Implementing Social Media is a learning process – be willing to experiment, take risks. Develop an internal training program together with your employees. It is also ok to take in outside resource that will set up a coaching program.
E – Evaluate – Have a continuous evaluation process that allows your hotel to adapt and change when needed.

Rinse.. Repeat

Focus on the outcome

When your hotel implement Social Media you want to assure that all your fears is addressed.

Start address some positive effects of this new strategy:

  • Change image of hotel
  • Increase RevPAR
  • Cut costs
  • New market segments
  • Trend setter
  • Market leader
  • Loyal employees
  • Improved reward programs
  • Satisfied owners/partners
  • New technology
  • New skills
  • Raving customers
  • Improved customer experience
  • Improved communication
  • Relationship / Trust
  • Increased return customer base
  • Higher frequent customer referrals
  • Care Support Team
  • Community Builder
  • Environment
  • New opportunities

Social Media Channels

Identify Social Media Channels that will add value to your hotel.

Common Social Media Channels utilized by hotels:

  • Blog
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Youtube
  • Foursquare
  • Flickr

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