Searching for a gig

I was looking for a job that would meet my vision and dreams. My school records and work background was translated. I got a professional transcript of my resume.

I was ready, I was a Norwegian with a mission here in the US. My hopes and aspirations was high, after all this was the land of opportunity.

I got my resume out on Monster, CareerBuilder, Dice and every possible I was able to digg up.

And I started digging in newspapers, job boards, yellow pages and attended fairs. I visit various brands to provide them with my resume. And I made sure to follow up with employers I had visited, or provided my info to.

After a period the American Dream somewhat was more looking like a Night Mare. But I kept up being patient and persistent. Then I got a tip about a call center. So I went there to check it out. Turned out to be a call center for Intercontinental Hotel Groups. I got in, and started my first Hospitality job in reservations.

During this period I was continuing looking for the job that meet my goals and dreams. One day I was reading the local classified section I came over an ad that was little misplaced. This was an opening for a front desk position at Sheraton. I gave it a shot, went to the Hotel with my application. And I was offered the job.

Since then I got myself certified in Hotel Management, and learned to love this wonderful trade. Hospitality today is my lifestyle and passion. And today I use this passion to help Hotels develop an extraordinary Customer Experience through Social Networking.

Your Hotel Gig is closer then you think

Many of you might recognize yourself in my story. You have might have a vision or a dream of finding the perfect Hotel gig.

My friends at Shiftgig has provided unique options both for the job seeker and the Hotel employers to identify the perfect match.

I did talk with Matthew McCahill, Food and Beverage Manager with Dana Hotel and spa in Chicago. Dana Hotel and spa has used Shiftgig in the recruiting process.

Matthew emphasized on the value of first impression when looking for the perfect match. Shiftgig provided Matthew and Dana Hotel with the tools that allowed them to do this. He described Shiftgig as a hands-on new company that was willing to listen to their wants and needs.

One to main things Matthew pointed out was how Shiftgig lets jobs seekers pictures stands out. He talked about how the content of the resume was important, and now he more look at what the job seekers picture tells about them. He said attire in picture can be the difference if they will call a candidate in for interview or not.

Another great feature that Matthew pointed out is that Shiftgig will send them an email with the most popular candidates on top of email checklist. With time Shiftgig is planning to implement a Star Rating that makes it easy for the Hotel to identify top candidates.

shiftgig leader

So for job seekers focus on attire, and when you are in the job seeking process be consistent on your Social Network Channels. Make sure your profile stands out.

Why Shiftgig?

Jeff Pieta is the President and one of the founders of Shiftgig, the professional networking site for the service industry. Under his leadership Shiftgig rapidly grew to over 150,000 users in its first year of business.

Job candidates in the service industry typically spend countless hours looking for jobs – dropping off résumés door-to-door, filling out applications, attending group interviews and responding to dozens of online job postings. Even after landing a job, candidates may find that they weren’t compatible or the job was not what they were expecting. Hiring managers don’t have it any easier through the traditional process of sifting through stacks of unqualified résumés from Craigslist or walk-in traffic. Shiftgig’s purpose is to streamline the employment process by matching the right candidates with the right opportunities quickly and efficiently.

The Shiftgig candidate pool is both substantial and well-targeted. With more than 200,000 users and free syndication of job postings to more than 20 job websites, Shiftgig provides the most qualified candidates in the hospitality and retail industries to companies looking for new employees. Shiftgig goes even further by deploying the matching algorithms of an online dating site to bring the most suitable candidates forward in an employer’s search.

Currently they operate in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York, and is quickly expanding to Atlanta, Houston, Miami, Minneapolis, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

Why shiftgig

The Social Hotel Gig

One of the great features on the profiles is the options to favorite and pin job seekers and employers. Shiftgig also provide some cool inside tips on their blog.

Shifgig also utilize Social Networks to reach and help job seekers, and hotels looking for the best candidates. They where also named one of the 10 Hot Social Media Startups to Watch.

At this time you can also create an Free account with Facebook Connect.

Your next Hotel Gig will be based on Social Network Collaboration.

Shiftgig makes it easy to find hourly and salaried employees. Gig-seekers have profiles that include work history, education, photos, and reviews/references. Browse through thousands of people or post a job FOR FREE.

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What is Shiftgig? (Gig-Seeker)

Shiftgig is the easy way to find the gig for you.

Shiftgig has the largest number of service industry gigs in your area – all in one place. Plus we pull the information you are actually looking for to find the right gig for you,

What is Shiftgig? (Owner/Manager)

Shiftgig is the best way to find your staff.

Shiftgig has the largest number of service industry job candidates in your area – all in one place. Plus we pull the information you are actually looking for to find the right candidates for you.

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*Note* A special thanks Matthew McCahill, Food and Beverage Manager Dana Hotel and spa – Chicago for his participation on this Hotel Collaboration Project.

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