Modern Innovation Meets Old-School Hospitality

Modern Innovation Meets Old-School Hospitality

Hoteliers have had to meet a range of new challenges with the advent of OTAs. Third-party interference with guests, commoditization, and decrease in loyalty due to lowest-price seekers are some of the challenges the hospitality industry is striving to meet in today’s market.

Additionally, new innovations are arriving on the scene almost every day, presenting a further challenge. Hotel decision makers have to keep up with new ideas, decide which would most benefit the guest experience or day to day operation, and then make an educated guess as to whether it can be implanted in time to see a return before the next thing comes along. And all of this is on top of what is already a highly demanding job.

In the time we have spent with our clients in the industry, we have learned a few important things about balancing act of choosing technology partners.

  1. The guest experience belongs to the hotel, which means hotels must maintain control of their offerings.
  2. The most important phase of the guest journey is all of them. From planning and research to check-out and post stay, guest expectations must be met (and if possible, exceeded).
  3. A balance must be struck between using technology to eliminate operational or experiential frustrations, and retaining the face-to-face nature of the business.
  4. Hotel employees are the true local experts and have the absolute best grip on what it takes to make guests happy. Commoditization is avoided by keeping this in mind and using this knowledge to directly influence the guest journey.
  5. Hotel technology must be easy to use and affordable, and have the ability to evolve quickly to match new expectations.

We design all of our technology around these principles. Content delivered to guests is in full control of the hotel or brand; we just provide the framework to make it happen and a beautiful system of delivery, enhancing the connection between the hotel and the guest without getting in the way of it.

The Hyatt Bellevue on Seattle’s Eastside is staying ahead of guest expectations with a full suite of guest and staff facing technology that is all under one licensing fee and one content management system. Guests can text requests for room service or special preferences and hotel staff can accept, respond to and complete the requests. Mangers are able to keep track of all of response times and guest satisfaction levels.

If you have been on the fence about employing mobile technology in your hotel, you can now start for Free under Monscierge’s Select plan. I invite you to visit our website today and open access to your app.

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