Blogs is becoming a crucial component for Hotels that are looking into new ways building Brand Equity. Learn why your Hotel needs a blog 8 Reasons Why Your Hotel Need a Blog

2011 will provide new opportunities for Hotel that is willing to adapt and change. Social Hospitality is already here. Start putting out your Social footprints.

Some of the Social Media trends that we see for 2011 will define some of the challenges that we can turn into new opportunities.

Hotels and Small businesses has faced several challenges in an economic down turn. New Hotel Trends in 2011 will help us conquer some of the new hip trends.

New Hip Social Media Trends for 2011

  • Accessibility will grow as more Hotels now are implementing Social Media strategies. Consumers have unique access to information through Social Media and New Media. Honest, truthful, timely and accurate information will be in high demand
  • Simplicity will get a new era. Consumers are making different decision as a result of economic factors. New products and services will reflect these changes in the market
  • Quality delivered on a consistent basis. Consumers will seek high quality with a low price
  • Empowerment and Crowd-sourcing will assist bringing new market segments to your Hotel. Consumers will be in better control of their decisions. Know how to give them this control
  • Identity of new market segments 85% of College graduates will move back with their parents in 2011. Spring breakers and College graduation will present new challenges and opportunities
  • Customer Loyalty as a market segment – How can we adapt to new trends and adapt to new market segments has been a crucial element in Hotel Marketing. Consumers will focus on the element that brings them back. We will focus on what bring consumers back to our hotels, and how can we take advantage of this in creating new referrals

New Hip Hotel Trends for 2011

  • Urban Hospitality – Hip and Trendy – Boutique Hotels unique flexibility is appealing to new market segments. Urban styled hotels provide the escape that this market segments is looking for. Amenities in guestrooms include chalkboard doors, free wifi, down comforters and pillows, speakers for notebooks & portable MP3 devices, iPads and eco-friendly bath products
  • Urban Hospitality

    The Jupiter Hotel

  • Doggy Friendly
  • – The era of the Baby Boomers is slowing down – the new kid on the block is the Dog

    Dog Friendly Hotel

    PAW; Pet-friendly accommodations.

  • Green and Eco Friendly – The color is Green.. Bring your bicycle and discover what the nature has to offer. Learn how to conserve on all Hotel amenities
  • Green and Eco Friendly Hotel


  • Social HotelsSocial Hotels Mi Casa Su Casa is an illustration of the impact Social Hotels already have. Start dip into this growing market segment. Get your Hotel Social Media ‘Certified’..
  • Social Hotel

    The Roger Smith Hotel

  • New Media Hotel Applications – Social Hospitality is bringing a new era into Hotels. Savvy consumers utilize Social Media and New Media to enhance their Hotel Experience – 50 iPhone Apps for Savvy Hoteliers
  • New Media Applications

  • Providing Social Goodwill in creative ways will convert to Social Capital, and build Brand Equity. Hotels are starting to utilize Social Networks to showcase their Social Goodwill
  • Social Goodwill

    TownPlace Suites Make a Bed Program

  • Social Footprints – Hotels that shows dedications to their Social Responsibilities, and utilize the true values of Social Media will leave several Social Footprints. It is all about communication; build relationship, trust, care, provide value and develop loyalty. Information is no longer one way or two ways it is an open-ended channel. Take advantage of your listening outposts
  • Social Footprints

    Hotel Helix

  • Social Media Contributors – Hotels have incredible stories to tell. We know the up and downsides of customer service, customer satisfaction and customer care. We provide products and service all over the world. Lets share our information. Show pride of our knowledge. And start responding to our consumers

Social Media Contributor

Chip Conley

Have you positioned your Hotel for these new trends and market segments?