In the New Hip Hotel and Social Media Trends for 2011 I indicated that this year Social Media would provide a lot of change and adaptation opportunities for Hotels.

Apps were the buzz word for 2010, but Hotels for sure started to embrace apps in 2011 that enhanced guest experiences.

Smartphones and tablets are starting to play an important part in a Hotels Marketing Strategy. As a result, of this many Hotels experienced an increase in last minute or walk-in reservations.

Guest has now discovered they have a voice. New Hip Trends for 2012 will be revealed to Hotels that embrace Serve The Guest principles. Brand Champion Advocates will be the Hotels Trend setters.

New Hip Social Media Trends for 2012

  • Engagement will come as a result of connecting with guest through your Social Networks. Guest will engage with your Hotel when they know, like and trust the responses your provide
  • Response in a timely manner will be crucial in a time where most interaction is Live and attention spans shortened
  • Mobile and Tablets is the new reality for Hotels. We will see an increase in use of award winning applications like Hotel Tonight. And we will see more creative use of Facebook and Location Based Service, now that we know that Facebook purchased Gowalla due to their high qualifications on this type applications. Check In, Check Out later is a simple and very creative example from our friends at Radisson Edwardian Hotels
  • Measurements of Social Engagement will be more defined. Google Analytics has added a lot of new great features that helps analyze real time traffic and Social Engagement. This will be added values for your new revamped Social CRM and Reputation Management strategies
  • Capture the Ultimate Hotel Experience. With Social Media Hotels will have new unique tools available that will help capture guests before – during and after the experience. My good friends at capture this information in a great way with their innovative application
  • Serve Your Guest. Apply ongoing coaching and training for staff on awareness. Identify touch point services that will enhance the guest experience. Empower your employees. Make your Hotel their home away from home ‘Me Casa Su Casa’
  • Social Bookings. Social Networks is making Hotels more available to guest. Make sure to apply some POS (Point Of Sales) that appeal to your guest. Facebook allows today Hotels to apply booking engines to their Hotels Fan Page
  • Visit the Hotel Blogger.

  • Champion Advocates. Bringing onboard brand advocates will build new unique Hotel brand equity. Your product and services have got a new leg, make sure you use this to Serve Your Guests in 2012. Social Media is allowing us to develop awareness in new ways we have not seen before. Champions Advocates will be the new hip hotel trend setters

New Hip Hotel Trends for 2012

  • Storytelling Hotels is just a great way to capture memorable guest moments. Story Hotel provide some unique touch points, and then bring their guest to Facebook for extended engagement

  • Interactive Hotels will spark a new Hotel Design that capture how guest now engage via new media like Smart Phone, Tablets, Touch Screens and network with guests at the Hotel. The Dubai QR Code Hotel will take guest experiences to a new level

  • Think Outside The Box – Hotels are not only Thinking Outside The Box, some Hotels are removing the Box totally. McWilliam Park Hotel Mayo illustrates in this video how to apply this principles
  • If your Hotel has applied this principle in a creative way, then take the time to share with us in the comments here.

  • Create Your Own Experience – Giving the guests control of creating a dream experience, and share their memories in new unique ways will make huge impact in 2012. Farimont Hotels & Resorts represent pure brilliance

  • New Media Hotels has taken the extra step to provide guests with Tablets available in their room. With easy access to Concierge Info and other Hotel Services, this adds new value to the guest experience. Mondria Soho in New York has a iPad in their rooms

  • Environmental Commitment is the new Green. Hotels that fulfill LEED® standards will attract new exciting market segments. This will also add another value for the family as a hole. Ritz Carlton in Charlotte, NC has taken these standards to a new level. With a charge station for Hybrid Transportation they are in the top of their class

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