New Hip Hotel and Social Media Trends for 2013

Change and adaptation was the Hotel and Social Media Trends for 2011.

And Serve Your Guest was the Hotel and Social Media Trends for Hotels in 2012.

2013 will be the year we start moving the Hotel Social Media Wheel forward. Hotels will focus on Social Media Solutions that will make a real impact on the total Hotel Guest Experience.

The main Hotel and Social Media Trends for 2013 will focus on Collaboration and Retention. For 2013 I provide a little different perspective of upcoming Trends. After reviewing trends of 2012 it indicate that Hotels need to stop the wheel to be able to move forward in the right direction.

The Hotel Industries main focus will be the Customer Experience. Social Media is the tool that will allow Hotels to add new values to the Customer Experience.

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New Hip Social Media Trend for 2013

Hotel Wheel

In this first segment I focus on some of the challenges Hotels will face in 2013.

  • Stop The Wheel!!
  • In the printed news media they have the expression Stop the Presses. This expression stems from the discovery of the need to change the content right before before, or during printing.

    Hotels can’t continue moving forward, and still be looking in the rear view mirror. The biggest misinterpretation many Hotels do, is to believe that Social Media is all about being Social. If your Hotel dedicate more then 20% of their time to Social then there is a major disconnect in play.

    The Hotels job is to provide a quality top notch Hotel Experience for their guests.For Hotels the main purpose of Social Media is to be present. And then focus on creative marketing strategies that utilize this presence to retain guests via Social Media.

    So in 2013 Stop The Wheel, re-evaluate your Social Media Strategy to identify what type of presence your Hotels really should have on Social Media.

  • Find Your Voice
  • One of the major factors in play for 2013 will be trust. After you have taken time to Stop The Wheel, then define your Social Media Voice. Implement a quick Trust check list for your Hotel.

      What are your Hotel doing to build trust with your customers?
      Are your Hotel trustworthy?
      What is possible?
      Bring the possibilities to reality
      Desire to achieve your Social Media vision
      Understand & Influence your Voice
  • Personalized Reference Points
  • Personalized Reference Points can be very simple, but yet very powerful. This is all about making the guest feeling valuable. Barbara Delollis from USATODAY’s Hotel Check-In shared with us how Hampton Inn Chains uses Sticky Notes as a personalized reference point to add value.The real point behind this simple message is the story that this Sticky Note created.

    New Media Guests is bringing their Smart Devices with them when travel, and they love to share this type of messages with their network.

  • Rap That App
  • Smart Phones and Smart Devices was popular in 2012, and this will continue in 2013. Apple has been leading the way with various Mobile for the Hospitality Industry. With the introduction of Windows 8, Microsoft is now dipping into this market segment.

    InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) has been one of the pioneers testing out Windows 8 applications.Priority Club Rewards and Holiday Inn.

    These apps builds upon IHG’s success in developing innovative, consumer-facing technology that facilitates guests’ access to e-commerce tools for hotel stays.

  • Customer Retention
  • Forrester Research has confirmed that there strong relationship between how customers rate their experience with a brand and their likelihood to recommend the same brand.

    Brands that scores high on the Customer Experience will also experience higher more repeat customers. And Hotels is among the Industries that benefit most from higher Customer Experience Scores.

    Forrester Research report indicates that if Hotels move from below average Customer Experience Score to above Customer Experience Score this could lead to a $1.3 Billion Revenue Increase.

    Hotel Social Media Marketing Funnel

    Learn more below how your Hotel can experience the value of Social Media Retention. Discover how Word Of Mouth becomes World Of Mouth.

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New Hip Hotel Trend for 2013

Hotel Collaboration & Networking

The solutions for 2013 is to Collaborate, and get educated together. No Hotel should be left behind. This year we will educate Hotels on how to be competitive in New Markets, and also how to add more effective value to the Customer Experience with Social Media.

  • Collaboration ProjectsProject Aloft Star was a ground breaking Play & Stay Facebook contest ran by our friends at Aloft. Over 500 bands applied, and you download tracks and view the contestants.
  • Collaboration Resource
  • Woman On Their Way – By Wyndham Worldwide is a project with main focus as an Online resource for Woman Business and Leisure Traveler.

  • Collaboration Education ReviewPro – Online Classes is the future of Collaboration Education. Webinars is very cost efficient, and allows to set up classes for larger and smaller audiences. And participants will get access to recordings and slides. For more one on one training with Hotels Skype provide new opportunities. Feel free to connect with me on Skype at are.morch
  • Collaboration Hotel Marketing Hotels that collaborate with Travel & Hotel Blogger get access to a new marketing portal. The benefits of these networks is lowered advertising costs.
  • Collaboration Innovations
  • Ace Hotels has been described as “The Country’s Most Original New Hotel”. They bring a new experience on board with their Ace Hotel Shop. Here they also allow consumers to Pin products via Pinterest, or you can view products at Ace Goods on Pinterest.

  • Collaboration Senses
  • Taste by Four Seasons gather lovers of food and drink. Four Season share their tasteful Images via Four Seasons Fotog on Instagram.

  • Collaboration Next Generation
  • Workspring at Marriott represent next generation business collaboration. This represent an idea I often experienced the early adapters of Social Media has requested. Marriott has here shown that they have listened to the wants and needs of New Media Segments.

  • Collaboration Networking
  • Social Media is all about Collaboration & Networking. Hotels of tomorrow need to collaborate and network with customers both online and offline. My good friends at Eyefortravel arrange events for Hoteliers and Travelers. This a great opportunity to meet and talk to Industry Experts. Eyefortravel is also building a collaboration network with bloggers. This will help create awareness outside of the Industry.

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    Hotel Networking

    Hotel Networking on Google+

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