New Hip Hotel and Social Media Trends for 2014

New Hip Hotel and Social Media Trends for 2014

2014 is the Year that will focus on how Social Media adds to the bottom line of our business. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ is putting more emphasis on the strategic advertisement.

Should you spend your Social Advertising Dollars on Likes and Followers or Website Clicks?

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Curveballs thrown in 2013

Despite the fact, the many Social Media authorities have defined Social Media as P2P(People to People) and “WE” Networks, one of the most popular words in 2013 has been selfie. A selfie is a type of self-photograph taken primary with Smart Phone cameras in a tilted angle. Selfie became associated with various Social Network trends.

Researchers also suggest that big brand advertising campaigns, which encourage people to post photographs of themselves with the product on Facebook, could risk damaging the relationships between their “fans”.

This form of self-centered exposure verify that Social Media is very unpredictable, and it will keep on making new shifts that will throw new curveballs at businesses in 2014.

Classy Response: The revamped reality for Hotels in 2014

My friends at Four Seasons resort Hualalai at historic Ka’upulehu, Hawaii utilize Pinterest to add a classy response to the Customer Experience.

Patterns: Embrace the new Review Ecosystem

When we take a look at TripAdvisors Travelers’ Choice: Best Hotels in 2013 on the surface we don’t see any radical change here. But if we take a closer look at the #1 Hotel Four Seasons resort Hualalai at historic Ka’upulehu, Hawaii we discover that very high response percentage from the Management Team.

The key takeaway from these responses is how well they are crafted to add additional value to the Customer Experience.

Responding to Reviews will be a key element for Hotels that want to achieve better ratings and more online visibility. Start embrace the new Review Ecosystems on Google+ and Facebook.

TripAdvisors Review system is no doubt one of the most trusted review channels today, and they have earned their status over many years. Google+ and Facebook will not impact the Review ecosystem overnight. But the time frame for Customers to embrace and trust Social Networks as Review channels will be much shorter.

Awareness: Paying attention to details

Paying attention to details should not be anything for Hotels. What is new is how the Hotel utilizes the details to think outside the box. A Texas Hotel Fulfills Guest’s Ridiculous Request and the story goes viral.

Sacrifice: Discover the Customer Tradeoff

Customers are used to tradeoffs for various rewards. Many Travelers is already accustomed to dropping amenities and leg room for better airline deals.

Discover your customers Tradeoffs, and utilize Social Media to identify new ways to accommodate your Customers.

Local: Hotel Collaboration Partner Pool

Hotels will be partnering with area small businesses patronized by local residents to create a deeper, more personal relationship with a community. Hotel Collaboration Partner Pool opens a new dimension for both for customers and hotelier to exchange services through New Media.

I am building a Hotel & Social Network Collaboration Pool that allow Hotels to dip into service that can meet their requirements within their budget. If you are interested in learning more, either shoot me a note at Hotel Collaboration Projects or sign up below.

Tipping Point: Doing Social Media Right

In 2014 about 88 percentage of brands is predicted to participate in Social Media. We already surpassed the Social Media Tipping Point, and it is nothing new that Social Media will continue to make an impact on how Hotels do business.

The key is that the Social Media Metrics now have become more available, and Hotels will make Social Media accountable at the same standards as other Hotel Marketing Standards. 2014 will be the year where Hotel will hold Social Media to new standards, and reports generated will be required to show data that add value to the bottom line.

It will be important to develop more laser focus on key metrics.

New Hip Social Media Trends for 2014

Hotel ROI

A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be. ~ Wayne Gretzky

Social Media is very Dynamic, and I have myself been an advocate for this principles. 2014 will be the year where Hotels plays towards metrics that backs up Social Media ROI.

We have a spent lot of time fine tuning our Social Media Compass. We went East with Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube. Then we started to look to the West with new Social Media Players like Vine, Pinterest, and Instagram.

And we started to find sustainable paths towards Social Media Success. Then we start see the Social Media Compass move again with Generation Y checking out Snapchat and Context. These apps support the selfie trend. No doubt that these new Social Networks can be part of your Listening Outpost to identify new trends among Generation Y customers.

The Digital Dashboard

We have spent a lot of time and effort build our Social Media Platforms. 2014 is the year we will have a laser focus on our Social Media Pillars.

Social Media will continue to be Dynamic and noisy. How will customers be able to find your Hotel next year? I don’t have any crystal ball that can give you a 100% accuracy of how your Hotels customers really will behave as results of new Social Media Trends. But one thing I can say with certainty is Hotels will need to invest in an affordable Digital Dashboard. To close the gap between Social Media Noise and ROI Hotels need a tool that allows them to filter through the noise.

My personal Digital Dashboard is provided by Nimble.

Social Network Collaboration Pool

Cloud and Sharepoint Technology is allowing Hotels to get new valuable customers insight without focus groups. Social Network Groups and Communities has become new playgrounds where Hoteliers can dip into new market segments.

I am building a Hotel Collaboration Pool that allow Hotels close the gap between Engagement and more Direct Bookings. If you are interested in learning more, either shoot me a note at Hotel Collaboration Projects or sign up below.

Place Pins sparks the Local Experience

Place Pins really brings the explorer out in us. From a Hoteliers perspective, this was one of the most exciting additions to add new exciting value to customers.

A Chicago Pork & Whiskey Tour by Thrillist is a great example of a creative local Place Pin board.

Closing the GAP between Engagement and Direct Bookings

Most Social Media Authorities will tell you need to keep up your Social Network Engagement to generate sustainable leads. Well, I present this to Hotel Decision Makers they all look at me, and more than likely think I am crazy. They are not losing a good night sleep over Engagement.

Hotel Decision Makers want to know how Social Networks will bring customers in their doors. There they can close the deals, and deliver outstanding customer experiences.

I agree with most of the authorities that up until now the New Media Customers did not buy into this type of approach. Don’t read me wrong New Media Customers crave deals and outstanding customer experiences. The difference is that up until know most New Media Customers has focused on Shared & Earned Business. New Customers is putting more trust in more accessible input from the Social Networks.

Many Hotels is starting to build Solid Social Network Foundations and is starting to reap from the Shared & Earned Customer Base. We did see several nifty innovations that helped Hotels make better decisions, and collectively and aggressively moved towards the ultimate aim – New Media Success for your Hotel.

I am building a Hotel Collaboration Pool that allow Hotels close the gap between Engagement and more Direct Bookings. If you are interested in learning more, either shoot me a note at Hotel Collaboration Projects or sign up below.

Take Control of Social Media Don’t Let Social Media Control You

One of the main complaints I often get in relationship with Social Media: “It takes to much of our Hotels valuable time that can be used on other critical tasks”

This is not uncommon if the Hotel either don’t have a Social Network Strategy in place, or they want to do more than what their exciting Social Network Strategy allows them to do.

I Network and Collaborate with several Social Network authorities. Either they are an expert on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or Pinterest in most cases they spend between 1-5 hrs per week on their primary Social Network.

I believe it is a myth that Social Media take so much time. Most of the time authorities spend on improve existing products, develop new products, adjust products to new market segments, fine tune Social Network Strategies and keep updating their knowledge. Social Media is not their business Social Media is just a Tool for their Business. Take this tidbit with into 2014, and you will start to align your Hotel with new exciting market segments.

Tools I use to help me manage my Social Networks:

Nimble for my CRM.

HootSuite Pro (30 Day Free Trail)

*Disclaimer: I am a partner with Nimble, and affiliate with HootSuite

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