New Hip Hotel and Social Media Trends for 2015

New Hip Hotel and Social Media Trends for 2015

2015 will be the year I will focus on helping Hotels closing the gap between Hospitality and Social Media.

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2014 was a year where #hashtags became a way for Hotel Marketers to indentify trends and valuable Social Media Communities. For me 2014 was a year where I focused on targeted tools that allowed me to indentify valuable data related to the Hospitality Industry.

New Hip Hotel Trends in 2015

Personalized Hotel Rooms

Fierce competition from Airbnb will enforce new creative innovations from Hotels. Airbnb’s transactional app and website has attracted over 11 million people making reservations in 34,000 cities. Hotels tried compete on price where Airbnb so far has undercut all hits. Airbnb is allowing customers to interact on all levels of their journey.

Here is a great illustration that this is great time to start thing outside the box, and focus on innovation and creativity despite some of the challenges that is out there.

My friends at OYO Rooms focus on solving the affordable accommodation problem in emerging economies with cutting-edge technologies.

Social Billboards

INFOGRAPHIC: Hilton Worldwide – Digital Lobby InfographicHilton Worldwide - Digital Lobby Infographic

Game Changer – Forever Young

The Baby Boomer generation is now between 45 to 64. Hotels need to focus on their Forever Young attitude and experiential travel.

This year customers will use mobile internet access more than laptop/desktop internet access to research their travel options. Customers all ages are savvy mobile users, and their apps is their handheld dashboard for real time decisions and information.

The Forever Young traveler will focus on inspiration, personalization and self-discovery. Today’s most savvy travelers of all ages want to experience that transformative journey in a way that is wholly their

The Happiness Factor

One of the keys drivers for success in 2015 will be Happiness.

Research from Harvard shows that very simple activities can boost performance and productivity.

  • Jot down three things they were grateful for
  • Write a positive message to someone in their social support network
  • Meditate at their desk for two minutes
  • Exercise for 10 minutes
  • Take two minutes to describe in a journal the most meaningful experience of the past 24 hours

The importance of these simple activities is that your Hotel will get employees that are highly energized, and they know how to avoid burnout. Harvard identified two key components for employees that thrive in their work performance; vitality and learning.

New Hip Social Media Trends

Social Media Control Room

Epsilon Technologies conducted a research for the period September – November 2014. This research illustrated Social Media Performance of Top Hotel Companies.

Social Media is already making an impact on the Hotel Family. 2015 will be no different. Start creating a dynamic Social Media Control Room for your Hotel.

A crucial key in 2015 for Hotels in general will be to indentify tools that measure the impact Social Media have n the Hotels ROI.

Social Advertising

Either we like it or not Social Media is now pay to play. Social advertising will rise in 2015, and brands in general will become more sophisticated in reaching customers. Hotels need to prepare their Social Media budgets and develop shifts toward more Social Advertising.

Digital Wallet

Despite the importance of your hotel’s location, price and facilities, succeeding in the hospitality industry is often a matter of giving customers a convenient experience that is superior to those offered by your competitors. Thanks to innovations like mobile payments, it’s now operationally feasible, and financially accessible for hotels of all sizes to incorporate the convenience-based technologies that establish such a competitive edge.

The Digital Wallet is designed to meet this new trend.


New advanced drone technology will become the new trendy Hotel Marketing techniques that will appeal to new market segments.

Our friends at Casa Madrona Hotels & Spa provide us with a sneak peek of what is possible with a little innovation and creativity.

Top Hotel Trends of 2015: Technology, Sustainability, Charity

AH&LA’s survey, “The 2014 Lodging Study Hotel Trends: An Inside Look at Popular Amenities and Guest Services,” found that HDTVs, flat-screen TVs, mobile apps for hotel services, and in-lobby computers are among the most popular high-tech amenities at …

Which trends do you believe will add new values both to Hotels and their guests?

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