New Secrets To Getting More People to your Hotels Instagram Profile

Wondering how you can get more people to your Hotels Instagram Profile?

Is your Hotel enabling guests to capture and share micro-moments on Instagram?

Instagram Hospitality

2018 will be the year where guest will really share valuable stories in abundance using Instagram during their Hotel experience.

If your Hotel is not using Instagram, you are really missing out.

People come to Instagram to be inspired and discover things they care about, and that includes content from your Hotel.

Some Instagram stats:

  • 25 Million business profiles
  • 2 Million advertisers worldwide use Instagram to share their stories
  • 60% of people say they discover new products on Instagram
  • 200 Million Instagrammers visit at least one business profile daily
  • 80% increase in time spent on watching video on Instagram
  • 1/3 of the most viewed stories are from businesses

The stats provide us with a clear picture of that Instagrammers love brands that share inspiring and relevant stories.

Make it easy for your Hotels guest to capture micro-moments at your Hotel.

Define the story in your Instagram Profile

moxy hotel instagram

Moxy Hotels has a short and to the point Instagram Profile bio that inspire potential customers to learn more the Hotel. They also promote their #atthemoxy hashtag.

Instagram is all about telling innovative stories about your brand in new creative ways.

Start delivering a visual experience to both guests and customers that are looking to connect with your Hotel.

A Visual Experience

On Wednesdays, we like to vinyl. #atthemoxy #hookups

A post shared by Moxy Hotels (@moxyhotels) on

The visual experience on Instagram feed the creativity and connect with your Hotels community in unique ways that inspire.

Shaping the way people discover, shop and share new information, mobile has completely redefined how the world connects with Hotels – especially on Instagram.

Encourage your Hotel Instagram Community with #hashtags

If you want to create awareness for your New Hotel in a truly unique way, then start model the brilliant Instagram campaign from Moxy Munich Messe.

moxy munich messe

The Moxy Munich Messe Hotel offers its own version of high-end Bavarian living.

And when you open a new Hotel what is more creative then utilize Instagram to count down the days until your Hotel opens. In addition, provide a set of #hashtags that appeals to their target markets.

Scope The Scene

Moxy Hotels has taken the Guestbook to another level. They encourage guests to share their Instagram stories on their interactive guestbook.

Instagram Stories is a unique way to share a combination of photos and videos to tease new products, take viewers behind the scenes or play with creative tools like face filters, drawing tools and the polling sticker to get real-time feedback with your Hotel story.

Break The Rules

It’s time for Hotels to start break the rules, and step outside your comfort zone to reach new market segments.

Let the inner Hotelie be your guide and take part in the revolution. Don’t sit on the sideline believing that online travel agencies or Airbnb own the Social Sphere.

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Surprise and delight are what makes dreams come true.

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