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Reputation Management: How Social Media stirs up your Hotels Reviews

Cornell’s study The Impact of Social Media on Lodging Performance verifies that reviews has high impact on booking decisions.

New data shows that reviews can be utilized to identify new possibilities and opportunities.

The challenge for Hotels is how Social Media totally stirs up the traditional Review Eco-system.

Travelers and Online Reviews

My friends at Software Advice a company that provides free reviews of hotel management software, did a research on How Travelers Use Online Reviews.

And many customers trust online reviews almost like they came from friends.

The research also shows that a large number of customers is effected by the comments in the reviews.

Online Reviews Charts enticing

What the research also shows is that younger customers which in general is more price conscious use reviews more often than older customers. This comes as result of increased Internet access, and mobile usage.

Online Reviews Charts frequency age

Both Hotel websites and booking engines provide more visual content today, which is more appealing and add more value to the customer experience.

The research showed that younger customers is affected by reviews to help them identify the perfect location, but they will not spend more with a Hotel that has a lot of positive reviews over one without reviews.

Social Media stirs up Hotel Reviews

My friends at Market Metrix a company that provides the only feedback management platform that maximizes every source of customer value: loyalty, referrals and reputation, did a research For Hospitality, Social Media is too little too late.

And this research shows that many reviews is either bogus or over hyped.

bogus reviews

And also when we apply Social Media to this equation there is another elements that effect reviews. Social Media reviews in many cases can misrepresent the data.

social misses details

To make a real impact on the Customer Experience Hotels want to fix any concerns when they occur not after it has been shared with the world.

This is how Hotels has dealt with concerns in the past. Social Media has brought on a new era, and is enforcing a new type of awareness for Hotels.

The best way to improve your Hotels Reputation Management is to prevent negative reviews in the first place. Unresolved concerns has dramatic impact on Customer Loyalty, driving it down 56% on average. And customer that experience a concern at the Hotel is three times more likely to write an online review.

reputation management or damage control

One thing to note is that customer share a Hotel Experience on Social Media this usually an exceptional experience either positive or negative.

It is important to know that online reviews and Social Media reviews often represent limited reference points at the Hotel.

how guests review

The data we see in How Travelers Use Online Review related to younger customers reviews becomes more dominant with Social Media.

social misses the money

Social Media Coaching

Social Media for Hotels is a complex picture that involves Reputation Management, Relationship and Retention Marketing.

Applying strategies that allows you to ‘know before you know’ is a challenge.

Concerns will not disappear with Social Media, and we know that when customer voice a concern on Social Media fast response is critical.

Personally I am not a fan of focusing on Damage Control. My goal is to establish a Social Media Strategy that address all types of scenarios, and allows Hotels to provide proper responses. I want all customers to have an extraordinary Hotel Experience.

If you want to learn How to think outside the box and experience the real power of Social Media, then contact me.


Software Advice – help people find the right software for their organization. Having researched over 1000 systems they can identify the best solution for each buyer.

Market Metrix a company that provides the only feedback management platform that maximizes every source of customer value: loyalty, referrals and reputation.

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