Residence Inn Charleston, SC Airport – this was a wonderful location.

Review: Residence Inn Charleston, SC Airport.

Hotel Advisor Tip

The Hotel Staff will do all in their power to assure that you have an excellent Hotel experience.

Here is some cool tips that can help you add a little extra touch to your Hotel stay.

Tip 1: When you travel to chain hotels – always sign up for their frequent traveler program. This is a Free program that allows you to earn points for your stay. If the Hotel is not part of a chain, check to see if they have a frequent traveler program.

Join Marriott Rewards

Tip 2: For your membership profile add things like request for early check in – extra pillows – no smoking etc. Even though many hotels today is smoke-free still add this into your profile. Add things like Travel for pleasure – no newspaper please or Travel for business – request local newspaper and Business newspaper.

Tip 3: For payment check in with a credit card and indicate that you want to use a different method of payment on check out. With cash, the hotel is required to request the deposit for the full amount of the stay, and a certain percentage for incidentals. If you use a debit card there will be held on your account for the full amount, and a certain percentage for incidentals. With cash, you will get back you what did not spend on incidentals on check out. If you plan using your debit card on travel, check with your bank ahead of time how long it takes for them to release any hold.

Tip 4: After you checked into Hotel at Front Desk – do a Social Check In with FourSquare or Gowalla.

Tip 5: Send out a Social Note with Twitter or Facebook telling your friend that you are looking forward to your stay with the Hotel you just checked into.

Tip 6: Check if Hotel has their own Twitter or Facebook account. If so them a note telling them you appreciated their warm welcome, and your room is awesome. After breakfast mention something you found appealing.

Tip 7: If someone over delivered mention that in a check out Tweet => Your Front Desk Staff at @Hotel all had an extra smile to share and provided awesome service.

Tip 8: Be an eco-friendly guest. Hang up your towels after you used it. Turn off your lights and TV when you leave your room. If the possible turn of AC unit, or set on lowest mode.

These are all tips that are in my Be A Friendly Guest Advice Program.

My Hotel Experience

The Residence Inn Charleston, SC Airport was a very nice hotel. Conveniently located close to North Charleston Shopping areas. Also close to Airport, and with Airport transport. And only 15 – 20 min from Downtown Charleston. Plus most of the attractions are within 20 – 25 min.

We came with our own car – and parking was no problem. My room was booked on my Marriott Rewards points – and I used my debit card for incidentals. Front Desk informed me about the hold on my account. The room was fresh and clean – and had all the amenities I could ask for.

Housekeeping provided excellent turn over service – and the Executive Housekeeper was kind enough to provide me with some extra shampoo. I also brought with me my mother -in-law and her husband. So I requested some extra towels, and they deliver them to me with an additional friendly smile. Great touch.

Their breakfast decoration and setup was really wonderful. And I had a great breakfast with their really great coffee. We got some local newspaper in from the front desk.

On check out, I noticed that one of the Front Desk agents was multitasking great between the breakfast area and Front Desk. Great to see Hotels that use their staff in more than one area. This is a great way to learn more about how a Hotel is run.

A tip if you are looking to grow within your Hotel ask your Manager if it possible work in other departments. And set up a plan for how you want it done. Start out with suggesting that you this month work 2 days in the Housekeeping Department – then the month after 2 days in the Restaurant – 2 days in Engineering etc. Then after you do this for 3 months why not ask your manager that on your day off if it’s ok to work with him/her for 3-4 hours.

By the way at Residence Inn – I checked in with FourSquare and sent out a Tweet about my stay. Also sent out a Tweet informing we had an awesome stay there.

Next Time

Next, you visit Charleston, SC – it is well worth it to stop by extended family at Residence Inn Charleston, SC Airport.

Enjoy, and have fun there.