Simple Free Social Media Business Map for Hotels

Social Media Business Map

Today every Hotel will need a Social Media Business Map that will help you understand the critical factors impacting your Hotel right now, then refocus and realign with the Hotels overall strategy you need for competing and innovating.

Success with Social Media comes from implementing a dynamic Social Media Business Map that focuses on taking massive action.

To help your Hotel getting started I have outlined a simple free Social Media Business Map for Hotels here;

1. Understand your Hotels customers

a. Who are they and what are they like?
b. What types of media do they consume?
c. How do they find you now?

2. Where are your Hotel with Social and Digital Media?

a. What are your market share and potential?
b. What are you doing in Social Media right now?

3. Conduct a SWOT analysis

a. Assess your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

i. Strength – lower costs, deep sales funnel for quick ROI, time management, quality over quantity.
ii. Weaknesses – overdose of tools and insuffiency, no frontier between brand and community, single and narrow-minded focus on content, poor leads and traffic.
iii. Opportunities – strong, loyal and educated community, quick access to customers concerns, targeted and Social Sales ready funnel, increased investment opportunities.
iv. Threats – “Just another” tool or channel, brand impersonality and mediocre engagement, lost trust, impression of industry incompetence, low Click-through ratio.

4. State your objectives

a. What do you expect to accomplish with Social and Digital Media?

i. Increased Sales
ii. Decreased Costs
iii. Improved customer service

b. How do you plan to accomplish this through Social and Digital Media?

5. Gather information about your target market

a. What are your segments for targeting?

i. New products
ii. New markets
iii. Existing markets

1. Upselling
2. Cross-selling
3. Retention
4. Reactivate ‘inactive’ customers

b. Which segments is best to approach via Social and Digital channels?

6. Establish your Social Media Mix

a. Will the Social Media Business Map include Facebook?
b. Will the Social Media Business Map include other Social and Digital channels?

i. Twitter
ii. LinkedIn
iii. Instagram
iv. Google+
v. Pinterest
vi. Snapchat

c. Will the Social Media Business Map include visual content like Video or Live?
d. Will the Social Media Business Map include a blog?
e. Will the Social Media Business Map include Social Reviews?

7. Establish Social Media Experience Guidelines

a. Do your Hotel have a Social Media Task team in place that listens to the community and customers?
b. Do you have a consistent message through Social and Digital Channels?
c. Is your Social Media Business Map aligned with your Hotels overall Marketing Strategies?
d. How do you create and foster to influencers and brand advocates?
e. Do you implement Social Reminders into your Hotels overall Marketing Strategies?

8. Create Your Action Plan

a. Who is responsible for each component?
b. What is your schedule/timing of the components in the Social Media Business Map?
c. What is your Social and Digital Media budget?

9. Monitor, Manage, and Measure

a. Name one person from your Hotels Social Media Task Team to monitor and inform through emails and meetings on a regular basis about progress for the Social Media Business Map.
b. Determine beforehand how your Hotel will measure the success of the efforts.

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