Mi Casa Su Casa was made famous in the cult movie Pulp Fiction. It translates to My House Is Your House.

Social Hotels sets the trend

Hotel Roger Smith New York is one the leaders when it comes to Social Hotels.

Why is The Roger Smith Hotel so different then other Hotels?

They was able to adapt and change to Social Media as a growing market. Social Media was not only a tool for them, but a new market segment.

Providing specials to bloggers and Twitters created a snowball effects that several Hotels would love to learn from.

Social Media authorities started to utilize videos and tell how cool this Hotel was. And when Chris Brogan shot a video with a RSHotel T-Shirt on the snowball was starting to look like an avalanche.

An Social avalanche starts

2010 Roger Smith Shorts Trailer from Panman Productions on Vimeo.

Creativity often comes when people dear to be themselves. It is all about sharing your passion and joy in a new unique way.

Social Media authorities has understood that the best way to present their products is.. you guessed it .. through Social Media.

Here is how Roger Smith Hotel present it through Flickr;

Roger Smith Hotel Flickr Stream

Some say a picture say more then 1000 words – Roger Smith says through their Social Media customers with video and a touch of Bacon.

Seems like the word is ‘If there was a god of bacon, it lives at the Roger Smith Hotel’.

What’s next?

Brian Simpson, Director of Social Hospitality and Adam Wallace, New Media Manager at The Roger Smith Hotel are both familiar to the Social Media sphere.

Let me quote Kung Fu Panda ‘There is no charge for awesomeness… or attractiveness’ – innovations and creativity is the new future for Hotels.

Director of Social Hospitality and New Media Manager don’t fit into the traditional image many have of Hotels. New trends creates new markets. The challenge is to adapt and change in accordance with this process.

Put on your new Hotel Glasses and jump on the Social Media train. By the way this is not a one way ticket, and you can jump off anytime you want.

Brian and Adam is frequently invited to to various Social Media Events. Here they have the opportunity to present their message to a new and hungry market.

The traditional image of Hotels is already expanded and out on unfamiliar territory. But the possibilities are unique, and why not share Hospitality and customer service in a new way.

Are your Hotel prepared for the next customer that wants to check in?

Hotels creates stories

Storytelling is the hart of the Hotel. This is how the Hotel comes alive.

Share your stories in new creative ways. Appeal to your customers. Involve your customers. Touch their harts. Give back to your community.

Brian Simpson, Director of Social Hospitality at The Roger Smith Hotel is a cancer survivor and he utilize the community to touch people – Cookies and Chemo. His mission is to make people smile at a time when they need it most.

Mi Casa Su Casa

We are family – my house is your house.