Social Media and Hotel Management Software

Social Media and Hotel Management Software

My friends at Software Advice a company that provides free reviews of hotel management software, recently analyzed a random selection of 385 of these interactions from 2013, in order to uncover managers’ most common pain points and their reasons for purchasing new Hotel Management Software (HMS) solutions.

The analysis shows that the proliferation of independent and boutique hotels is driving a wave of hotel management software buyers to either evaluate higher-performing systems with more features or look to the Hotel Management Software (HMS) market for the first time. The competition among hotels for bookings is growing, so hotels are seeking specific tools, such as real-time reservation data, online bookings, and guest management capabilities, in order to stay successful and better reach their target customers.

Replacing Current Hotel Management Software (HMS)

HMS buyer view

The growth in Social Media Customers raise the demands in more modern Internet friendly systems. Among the top customer concerns today we see customer support. This is directly in connections with the rise of customer engage in real time through Social Media.

And the research shows that first-time buyers want improved efficiency. Most request an automated process.

“The results suggest that most of the buyers are unsatisfied by their current hotel management system because it’s old, slow, inefficient or simply unusable.”

HMS buyer view

A New Solution

The research shows that Hotels is willing to implement a new Hotel Management Software (HMS) system within a very short time frame.

“Online booking features are now crucial in reaching a large audience and made up nearly a quarter of the sought-out functions for a hotel HMS.”

HMS buyer view

With new HMS systems Hotels is now getting ready to be part of evolving customer demands. This will solve one part of the equations which is the ability to handle bookings in real time.

Another part of the equation is to get a better handle of customer support.

HMS will need to have direct correlations with the Social Media Ecosystem.

  • How do customer identify your Hotels Social Media Profiles?
  • How does your Hotel engage and build a Social Media Follower base?
  • How do you convert your Followers into Loyal Fans?
  • How does Social Media support more Real Time ROI for your Hotel?

Social Media Coaching for Hotels

While Hotels lays the groundwork for Social Media by engaging executives and employees the raise of a sustainable Social Media Strategy evolves.

Getting the C-suite executives behind these new strategies requires a deliberate approach.

A Social Media Coach can help your Hotel with the answers to these questions. Stop reading about Social Media, and learn how to your Hotels Social Media to the Next Level – Learn More Today

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Software Advice – help people find the right software for their organization. Having researched over 1000 systems they can identify the best solution for each buyer.

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