TalkHotels was built on four key principles

  • Save you time and money

    To help you save time and money, it will give you the tools and information you need to make quick, informed decisions at your hotel. You achieve this by getting free, unparalleled access to vendors, products and services, reviews, other hospitality professionals, and knowledge and insight from your peers.

  • Connect you to the industry

    Whether you’re interested in getting advice from industry leaders, learning from experiences, or finding new ways to enhance your operations, it all starts with networking. TalkHotels help you make new friends in the industry.

  • Organize industry knowledge

    Their open, accessible platform allows you to easily share information, search for answers to common (and not so common) questions, and keep track of the latest industry happenings.

  • Give back

    As we gather hospitality professionals from around the world, we can work together to make a difference by partnering with various causes and lending our time and resources. To learn more, click here.

I did an interview with Anand Patel, founder of TalkHotels when this Social Network was originally launched.

TalkHotels Now On iPhone

We are now bringing the Hotels to where our customers are. To discover new trends and market segments we as Hoteliers has to be innovative and creative. We have to start the discussions on our own terms, and define how Social Media should effect our Hotels and guests.

Social Networks is a great tool to bring Hoteliers closer to our customers, and find new ways to discover their wants and needs. We are now at a crossroad with our customers where the Hotel Experience has started long before they have arrived at the Hotel.

Sneak peak here of the iPhone app.

Lets Talk Hotels

How do we Serve our guests in the future? Customers today is more then willing to share their wants and needs in real time. We are facing some new unique challenges for the Hotel family.

Lets Talk Hotels and take charge of how we define the Hotel Family in this age of New Media.

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