New market segments is evolving from Social Media. Hotel Customers is utilizing new media to make an educated booking decision.

Booking Patterns from Independent Hotels in 2011 showed us that as much as 72.9% of the guest that booked a reservations came from various search engines.

A resent survey from eMarketer shows that guest type in the Hotel web url directly has the highest booking conversions.

This indicates that if the guests know, like and trust your Hotel there is a higher percentage of direct booking. And very often these guests is also the most loyal guests to the Hotel.

What can your Hotel do about this?

Develop The Hotel Social Media Hub with all your Hotel departments and employees involved.

Your first step is to identify who at your Hotel that already is familiar with Social Media, and let them be your Hotels Ambassadors.

Social Networks

Which Social Networks do you have in your Hotel Social Media Hub?

a) Like or Share with Facebook Fan Page?
b) Tweet with Twitter?
c) Professional with LinkedIn Company Page?
d) What about some SEO juice with Google+ Page
e) Location – Location – Location with ForuSquare?
f) Are your Hotel Pinteresting?
g) Can you tell a story with YouTube?

The second important step for your Hotels Strategy is to identify where your guests hangs out. From there you can start build Champion Advocates for your brand.

This will set you up for capitalize on some of the hip Hotel trends for 2012.

Start preparing yourself for digging into new market segments.


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