Top 10 Twitter Tips For Hotels

Discover Top 10 Twitter Tips For Hotels. Take advantage of some hands on Twitter Tips your Hotel can adapt immediate.

Build a Solid Foundation

Twitter is a minute-to-learn , life-time-to-master system.

Twitter is the Water cooler channel with your customers. Be on the outlook to find new creative ways to engage.

Listening and Reputation Management is the key to success building a solid foundation. Make sure you create a listening channel that capture mention of your hotel brand name, product and services offered. Capturing real time sentiments is what allow your Hotel to enhance the guest experience.

Be Authentic

Hotels don’t need to be formal or follow a set of rules to engage on Twitter. The most important quality to stand out is to be authentic.

Craft your tweets in a strategic and unique way that let your network behind the scenes of your Hotel. And if you combine this a passion of serve your guest then you are on the path to a winning formula.

Stand Out

Being creative and innovate within 140 characters can be a challenge. Use Twitter to share some unique tidbits about your Hotel that customer will not find other places. Have your Hotel tried a classic wine suggestion?

Creative Response

Twitter is fun real time conversations, and you can engage with your network in a relaxed way.

But more important Twitter is a network where you Serve you guest and reach out to new customers. Be professional and courteous when some reach out to your Hotel.

Empathy is another important skill to use wisely on Twitter. If guests voice a concern on Twitter, provide proper response and seek to resolve the concern in a timely manner.

Providing a simple apology on Twitter is very effective.

Extend Your Brand

Twitter is not only a extension of your Hotels website, but also a extension of your brand. Embrace to drive traffic and creative engagement.

Create a Twitter Strategy

My friends at @StarwoodBuzz has a really great Twitter Strategy. And I highly recommend follow them on Twitter to get some ideas and tips on how to engage with your customers. @StarwoodBuzz is Starwood Hotels & Resorts official Twitter handle.

Their Twitter strategy shows innovations, and creative ways to connect with customer reviews on one end of the scale and company presentation on the other end.

Set some goals

To get the most out of Twitter you want increase your Hotels followers base. And then start engage through tweets, retweets and mentions. Start building lists for targeted market segments. And add hotel brand advocates into dedicated lists.

Setting clear goals is what will allow your Hotel to engage more efficient with your Network and brand advocates.

Ask your customers

Be creative when asking your customer, give them a cool incentive that has the potential for response. Open ended questions is very effective ways to identify customers wants and needs. And if you combine it in visual setting then you really have set the standard for getting great feedback.

Measure the engagement

Now Twitter is more then just an engagement channel. Hotels need to measure their efforts. Measure follower growth, follower quality, reach, traffic and conversion.

Twitter Ads provide great options for measuring data in real time. And Twittercounter is a great tool for identify your twitter growth and quality.

Twitter has list of Certified Engagement Products that gives Hotels great options to measure real time date.

Also make sure you use Google Analytics – Social Reports to measure your data.

Put a Twitter Mark on your Hotel

Twitter uses #hashtags to categorize discussion. There are #hashtags for almost any subject, and today many brands also use #hashtags that makes it easier to listen to the conversations.

If you use a #hashtag in a extraordinary way then your Hotel truly will make a difference on Twitter. To Serve Your Guest in extraordinary ways on Twitter is all about simple and effective Tweet that show that you really care about the guest.

Bonus Tip: Model Successful Brands

Either you choose to pick up some ideas from Starwood Hotels & Resorts or other Hotel Brands Twitter Stream, modeling other Hotel Brands Twitter Success is something I highly recommend.

Though you don’t want to be a copycat, find your own voice that is a unique representation of your Hotel. With Twitter and Social Networking customers and guests in general now feel they are more in control of their Hotel Experience. Be there for them!

One word of advice and caution I want to share with your Hotel; Do NOT outsource your Hotels Twitter voice. Getting help with your Twitter Strategy is totally OK, and I will encourage getting help here. But having someone else Tweeting on your Hotels behalf can put your brand in more jeopardy then you had planned. Then I rather recommend you wait, and put your Twitter engagement on hold.

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