Just recently I got an comment on Where or How should a Hotel start with Social Media?

Begin with the end

The simplest rule for success with Social Media is to start with the end. If you really don’t have a clear vision of what outcome you want from Social Media, then it will be difficult to define a route that will guide towards your destination.

Let me be clear an end vision does not remove roadblocks. But if done properly it provides you with tools for proper response.

According to an survey done by R2integrated (R2i) 45 percentages reported that time and resources combined would be the biggest challenge with Social Media Marketing. 42 percentages reported that time and resources were the greatest barriers to entry into Social Media. And 38 percentages reported that their biggest mistake was not to allocating enough time and resources for the implementation of Social Media.

Make sure you implement principles that handle some of these adversities. Implement some basic Social Life Management principles.

Social Media is not about the Social Network it’s about Social Networking
LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | FourSquare

There are several different Social Networks out there and they all play an important role in your Social Media Strategy.

But to many jump on a Social Network because that is ‘the thing’ to do these days else you lose out. Don’t do this mistake!

Start learning the principles of Social Networking. Social Networks will come and go.

Format your Social Networks as groups and then meet their wants and needs.

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Social Networking

Social Networking is about communicating with your peers. Collaborate with your trusted network. This requires you to share some of your insight with others. Engage and respond to the community. Show people that you care, and that there is a real person behind your Social Media Signatures.

Social Media is no magic wand! It requires that you learn and follow the principles.

Remember it is no longer just word of mouth – now it is World Of Mouth.

And the audience is king!

What kind of challenges do you face at your Hotel getting started with Social Media?


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