Why Social Media means Business for Hotels

Why Social Media means Business for Hotels

As Digital Marketing mature in scope and power, the Hotel Industry need to catch up.


Historically Hospitality goes back to the Ancient Greeks. We also see tracks of it in the Bible. Here is just a few samples;

Hebrews 13:2
Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

1 Peter 4:9
Show hospitality to one another without grumbling.

Romans 12:13
Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality.

The start of the hotel industry – In France, at the beginning of the fifteenth century, the law required that hotels keep a register. English law also introduced rules for inns at that time. At the same time, around 1500 thermal spas were developed at Carlsbad and Marienbad.

During this epoch, more than 600 inns were registered in England. Their architecture often consisted of a paved interior court with access through an arched porch. The bedrooms were situated on the two sides of the Courtyard, the kitchen and the public rooms at the front, and the stables and storehouses at the back. The first guide books for travelers were published in France during this period.

Hospitality is built up on principles of relationship between guest and host. Behind these principles we often find standards, regulations, legalities, norms, traditions and products or services delivered within these principles.

Today the Hospitality Industry is bigger and more complex than it’s ever been. In the US over 14 million people is employed in the travel and tourism industry. The demands for Hospitality Services today’s is at unprecedented levels.

Social Media

Social Media are tools that allow people to create, share or exchange information, ideas, and pictures/videos in virtual communities and networks.

Today Social Media is a sophisticated medium that add new values to the Digital Landscape.

What many brands and Hotels is missing out when it comes to Social Media. Due to revolutionary technology Social Media Channels allows us to track and analyze very detailed data today.

Deloitte and Facebook did a research that provides value insights on how the Digital Landscape provides new shifts that will benefit the travel and hospitality industry.

Hospitality and Social Media

Social Media and Social Marketing apparently represent some form of scarcity for many in the Hotel Industry.

Social Media is a sophisticated media channel that provide a two-way channel with tools that support marketing, operations, finance, or human resource activities for Hotels. Though most consumers see Social Media more as fun channels where they interact with a large extended community of friends and family.

Today the Social Media eco-system has evolved. Not only has technology improved dramatically, but also how consumers today access this technology.

For Hotels that seek Social Media ROI the concept of ‘Social’ becomes a misnomer. Likes, followers, connection and shares in itself has limited effect on real world bottom line results, unless your Hotel takes additional steps to derive value from this new form of relationships.

Social Media as we know it today consist of advanced Digital Marketing Channels. And your Hotel need to implement these Digital Marketing Channels in your Hotels overall Marketing and Operational Strategies.

Travelers today are influenced by their Social Media Communities in different ways through the Customer Experience process. Many travelers find Digital Marketing Channels as a source of inspiration.

If we look at the Social Media equation; Social represent the engagement aspect, and Media represent the relationship aspect of the equation.

The Social aspect of this can be rather noisy today, and the Media aspect is more complex than just a friendly smile.

Social Proof alone is not enough

Social Networks has brought on a set of new performance indicators; Friend, Like, Follow, Connect, Tweet, Share, ReTweet, +1, Pins, Repins, Clicks, Views, Toggle and Comments.

These are all important performance indicators. No doubt that today numbers play an important role in the Social Media eco-system. But from a Hotel perspective you have to go behind the numbers.

What does this mean for our Hotel?

Obviously if the primary objective this year is to increase the numbers of Likes or Followers it will do you absolutely no good if it is not tied in to your Hotels overall Marketing Goals.

Identify Key Performance Indicators that support your Hotels overall marketing goals.

Brand Awareness/RecognitionBusiness Building / Revenue GenerationTotal Customer Value / Lifetime Customer Value
Net promoter scoresConversion / purchaseRetention / loyalty
Customer Engagement / reference pointsRevParOperations / cost savings
Listening StrategyClick through ratesCustomer Service
ToolsCalls To ActionOperational Efficiencies

Social Media means business

Many Hotels is using Digital Channels to drive more booking revenue of business travelers and increase the
success of their marketing campaigns.

Make sure you optimize each channels to fit its unique purpose and reach. Do your groundwork, do your research and you start discovering that Social Media will bring in new business to your Hotel.


Infographic: Deloitte

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