The Hotel industry is one which can be hard to survive in particularly when first starting out. The more established and famous Hotels are often people’s first choice when looking for accommodation during their travels, so how can you survive when you first start out?

Many new Hotels struggle mightily initially because they have not had the chance to build a reputation which is so important when it comes to Hotel choice.

The good news is that there are a few tips and tricks to use which can help you to get customers early and start to develop a name for yourself in this competitive industry.

Deals For New Customers

Everyone likes to take advantage of a good deal which makes it a great tool for attracting new customers early on. This can cost money but if you are able to develop a positive reputation and obtain great customer reviews it will prove to be worthwhile.

High-Quality Website

The first thing that a person does when they are looking into Hotels will be to visit the website to see what the Hotel is like. This means that you need to have a fast, responsive and functional website – this means choosing a reliable host like which can make it easy to manage your site. The website should then contain high-quality photographs, detailed descriptions, contact details, customer reviews (more on this to come), etc.

Digital Marketing

Leading on from this, you can use digital marketing to increase the visibility of your Hotel online which can help you to compete with the much larger Hotels. Sometimes people prefer the idea of a smaller Hotel as they will be less busy with better customer service so you need to make sure that these people can find your Hotel online

Excellent Facilities

These days, people are looking for much more than a bed in a room when booking a Hotel. You should look into expanding your facilities so that the visitor can enjoy their stay. A few good options include having a gym, sauna, bar, restaurant, laundry room, etc.

Helpful Staff

One of the key factors that people look at when choosing a hotel is the staff. The larger Hotels often struggle with customer service but this is an area where a smaller Hotel could excel because you can make personal connections with the guests. Get to know their names and encourage staff to go the extra mile but without getting under their feet.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews is one of the first things that people look at when deciding on a Hotel. This is obviously challenging when first starting out but all you need is a handful of good reviews in order to sway people to make sure that you seek these with each and every customer that you have (and pay attention to any constructive criticism).

Launching a new Hotel is an exciting time but it can be hard to attract customers early on because you have not developed a reputation and must compete with the much larger Hotels. Follow the above advice to get people through the door and start competing from the get-go.


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