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Animated videos are an engaging way to explain your story convincingly. More than 65% of people learn visually, and visual information is transmitted to the brain 90% more than standard information.

The visual sense is more dominating in humans, as stated by molecular biologist John Medina. Surprisingly, visual information is processed 60,000 times quicker and faster than its textual counterpart, I think marketers can well relate to this scientific fact and analyze how much impact video advertising can have on buyers. 

For these same reasons, the masses on social media are leaning toward visual content. The number of video posts on famous social media has increased by 94% just in the US itself, averaging around 4 billion video streams each day.

If your hotel isn’t incorporating videos in its social media marketing strategy, it’s missing out on an important tool for attracting new followers and converting followers into guests.

Not sure how to implement video for your hotel? In this article you’ll learn how to implement some effective content ideas into your hotel’s social media marketing mix:

Are Videos changing the face of Social Media?

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Video is exploding, but it’s different for every platform online, it’s different for Twitter; it’s different for LinkedIn. It’s different for YouTube. 

  • Nearly 100 million hours of video are seen daily on Facebook.
  • YouTube Statistics say, more than a billion hours are consumed by users per day in around 88 countries and 76 different languages and locales.
  • Instagram reveals that the masses have so engaged with the app that there are 800 million monthly activities, 500 million daily activities, and 250 million story actives(daily) which are huge figures when analyzed from a marketing point of view.
  • Twitter talks, Video tweets are six times more likely to be retweeted than picture tweets.

“Video is the fastest-growing online marketing medium!”

Okay so people’s attention spans are getting way shorter, and blogging still is critical for traffic, but inside of those blogs you want to have videos, you want to have great images, and you want to break up the text. If you lack in your video marketing strategies you can take the help of explainer video software or consult some video production experts to get your business the most out of Visual Advertising.

More and more people are interested in videos specifically, and they want to consume videos online, and you would certainly agree when I say that ‘Video Marketing is  dominating Content Advertising.’

So how do you create the perfect video for every single platform online?

How can you distribute it properly throughout the internet to maximize sustainability and awareness of your brand?

Well, there are a lot of procedures, strategies, and techniques that come into play while giving you the best outcomes of using Videos and their distinct forms to gain brand visibility. It’s merely you need some right ways to embed and use Visual assets on Social Media.

What do you do with video right and how do you distribute it properly?

Video content

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So, Twitter gives you the ability to do one minute. Instagram gives you the ability to do one minute as well. LinkedIn you can do longer videos and on YouTube, you can do videos for just about as long as you want to. 

Adding on, Facebook lets you spin the same role (i.e., create large-length visuals) and then, of course, you know Snapchat, it’s a kind of its monster, in many different ways where all these enable you to display your wants and desires in just a few seconds.

Facebook and Instagram have the story feature and then the other ones don’t; nevertheless, the remaining platforms allow you to Go Live! Live Videos may act as a little bit of a different medium for business promotion but can be of great use.

What must an Ideal Video Look and Engage like? 

Okay so ideally it’s nice if you can do one shoot of video and then you can distribute it throughout the entire internet and over to all your platforms. 

It’s not always the case, and you can always do a one-off video for certain platforms, and that’s fine, but to distribute throughout the other platforms with just one video is certainly great.

So imagine shooting one video taking that video chopping it up and then putting the best minutes on Twitter, on Instagram. Doing a longer video specifically for Facebook and a longer video specifically for YouTube and LinkedIn.

That’s one way that you can take each of those videos and you can push them out. What you want to think about with video is you want to think of each of the social platforms as their channel.

Video viral content

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So if you’re creating one video to distribute throughout all of them, you need to make sure that it’s something that the demographics are going to be interested in. 

Facebook, in particular, is doing a little bit better with certain types of videos like animations and slideshows, and explainer videos.

So if you’re just pumping out content that’s trying to sell people any product/service then that’s not going to do very well at all.

With Twitter, you’ve only got a minute so whatever you’re gonna say you’re gonna have to cut much much shorter you’re gonna want to have it be succinct and you’re gonna want it to be tweetable and Instagram is going to be the same way.

Video Marketing: Benefitting the Businesses

Video Marketing Benefitting the Businesses
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When we start using video in our businesses, we get 66% better leads in people discovering our business. Furthermore, 54% of video marketers achieve better brand awareness.

Who needs to be known by more people?

For better brand awareness, start using video, as you can gain widespread visibility and more brand awareness. 84% of consumers say that videos convinced them to purchase things and, thus, influenced their buying decisions.

If you got a product, you got a service; you need to have a video about that and video usually precedes sales.

“Google says, 50% of the active online users consider watching a video of the product before visiting a store.”

So, do you want to Google yourself and YouTube yourself to see what kind of video content is or isn’t there, because people are doing it the same way? They’re looking for videos about your products, your services, and what you do. 

“79% of consumers agreed that they would rather prefer watching a video than reading about that product.”

Do you agree with that?

Come on man, it’s getting more and more. I’m like, just tell it to me, just speak it to me,

I mean, reading, it’s a little tough job when we have other visual modes to grab information.

97% of business owners use explainer videos to help explain their brand to the masses in a much more efficient way. Today, everybody (100% of people) wants to see who you are, what you do, and why it matters to them, on your website or wherever they can find you online.

“50% of consumers believe that any explainer video must not be less than a minute as a long effective video tends to hook up the user attention.”

Catch that, right?

Can you tell your story, the story of your church, the story of your non-profit, the story of your business, concisely, nimbly, so that people can grab it, that’s a very interesting stat. And, so you need a quick, clear, and compelling video. Explaining who you are, what you do, and why it matters to your target audience.

This is something that you can start curating, something that you can start crafting.

So, this would be a good example, where video influencers and audiences would expect and want marketers to make a strong, short video telling their story making a special space in their hearts and mind.

Final Words

If you are trying to figure out how using an online video can help you build influence and your income? If so, then you’re in the right place.

Here’s the quote, your video must be as long as your consumers need it to be, but also it must be as short as possible, being relevant and engaging. 

In the end, you don’t want to end up wasting people’s time, but if you need to deliver all that information, then you have to deliver all that information at any cost.

B2B and B2C marketers have shifted towards using video for marketing. So no matter who you are in this room, video is right for you. Even if you are also in B2B, there are many strategic ways that you could be using video.

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Chehak Wadhwa is a Creative Head at webdew and has an intensive 10+ Years of Experience in Designing & Animation. She has produced 500+ Videos with her team including some of the well-known brands in the market like UBER, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Calendar, etc.

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