Cloud computing has had a massive impact on the business world. It’s changed the way we share information in every possible sense. Effective Social Media Marketing frameworks, new technology, and cloud computing will revolutionize modern Hotel marketing and tap into uncontested markets.

Today cloud computing services offer multidimensional values, including agility, scalability and cost benefits.

Cloud computing services are broken into three main services;

  • IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service

IaaS allows Hotels to rent the infrastructure itself; servers, data center space, and software. The biggest advantage of renting, as opposed to owning, infrastructure is that Hotels can scale up the amount of space needed at any time. During peak seasons, Hotel may require more server space to handle the heavy traffic than in the off-season. Using IaaS allows the Hotel to save money by only paying for what they with use within a certain time frame.

  • PaaS – Platform as a Service

PaaS allows Hotels to create applications, collaborate on projects, and test application functionality without having to purchase or maintain infrastructure. Development platforms can be accessed as long as there is an internet connection, allowing Hotel team members to stay connected and keep working.

  • SaaS – Software as a Service

With SaaS, the new and existing software can be quickly deployed, since it is already installed on the cloud server. As with PaaS Hotels only need to access a computer with Internet access to use the software, and they never have to worry about upgrading or patching the software. SaaS can reduce costs since Hotels only pay for exactly what is needed and do not have to maintain the software.The Cloud Stack

Source: Rackspace

The Ultimate Cloud Computing Experience Package for Hotels

Today several great providers are dedicated to providing Hotels with an optimal Cloud Computing Experience Package.

Writing this article became a dual research purpose for me. I am in the process of moving my service over to a cloud platform myself. So, my research became valuable to my business also.

An important part of my goals and mission is to strive for delivering the ultimate experience for my audience and clients. And it is important then to be in a position with tools and services that allows us to deliver above and beyond.

The selection of the most appropriate cloud provider can be quite challenging. Cloud providers’ offerings differ in many aspects and cloud adopters need to evaluate several factors, i.e., from compliance with regulatory requirements to certifications, from security options to customer performance support.

Before you can effectively select a suitable provider, you need to understand your Hotels specific business needs. This sounds pretty obvious, but clarifying your specific requirements and minimum expectations, in advance of assessing providers ensures you are comparing them all against your checklist, instead of comparing one against the other. This is the quickest way to move from a long list to shortlist.

The Ultimate Cloud Computing Experience Package should provide:

  • Easy Integrations
  • Automation
    • Make quick and seamless reservations
    • Send confirmation letters
    • Printing reservations cards
    • Printing invoices
    • Thank You Letters
    • Easy access to Reviews and Comments on TripAdvisor
  • Integrations with PMS
  • E-distribution
  • Social Media Listening
  • Social Media Marketing campaigns

Hotels today will need easy access to data and reports that allow them to make an informed decision, and the management team can control the processes from anywhere.

Implementing a Cloud Computing Experience Package also comes with an important benefit that supports happiness and productivity of your Hotel Team. Dedicated automation will free up some time-consuming tasks.

Selecting the right Cloud Computing Experience Package for your Hotel

In my research, I looked for Cloud solutions dedicated towards the Hospitality Industry. And it was also important they meet the requirements for The Ultimate Cloud Computing Experience Package. Also, that they were compliant with regulations and up to date on certification requirements.

My friends at mycloud Hospitality meets all of these requirements.

mycloud Hospitality will work closely with your Hotel and management team and switch the old system to mycloud in two phases to ensure that Hotel and management team don’t feel any pressure.

It starts with taking the Property Management System to live first while the mycloud Hospitality team and Hotel management configured the Point of Sales, Social Media Listening, Social Media Marketing, and e-distribution aspects before setting the complete system live.

Hotels that have gone through this process changing from old obsolete system to a new evolving mycloud system experience a whole new shift.

The mycloud Hospitality pride themselves in being there for the Hotel during the whole transaction process. Any query or challenge your Hotel runs into will get a proper attention.

The mycloud system allows them to attract and improve revenues because of complete automation and integrated e-distributions. And the system can create accurate forecasts which result in the Hotel being able to manage guest expectations and deliver new unique guest experiences.

Give Cloud Computing a spin for Free

If you are unsure if Cloud Computing is the right solution for your Hotel, then give it a spin for Free.

Feel free to let my friends at mycloud Hospitality know I sent your Hotel there.

Cloud Computing is the future for Hotels. I highly recommend giving it a try.


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