How Hospitality eCommerce Startups Can Use Social to Get Their First Leads

Social media is great for all industries, and this is especially true for hospitality businesses. Because the industry of hospitality is built on the happiness of customers, the visual nature of social media helps the marketing program of any hospitality business.

Here are some ideas that are centered on creating an effective marketing program for your hospitality business using social media.


First of all, use the concept of multimedia. Most of the successful hospitality businesses around the world are built on word of mouth before anything. The new word of mouth is social media. You can create the most effective testimonials through the smiling pictures and videos of your customers in front of your storefront. This is worth exponentially more than the text-based testimonials that most hospitality businesses rely on.

Content Creation

After you have created this content, you must distribute it appropriately. Choose the social networks that you will use based on the format of your content as well as the reach you have on it. For instance, if you have built up a large Facebook audience, you can distribute the content there, but only if you realize that Facebook only delivers organic content to 10% of your audience. A better choice might be Twitter as long as you understand the hashtag feature system. You may also want to use websites such as Pinterest and even Vine and Pheed depending on the dates I will audience that you are looking to attract. The previous three social networks tend to attract a demographic that is below the age of 25.

Social Media Collaboration

Social Media Collaboration is one of the most effective tools that you can use for lead generation. If you have yet to build an audience online, collaboration is actually a necessity in this day and age. It can be very difficult to build an audience without a great deal of money behind its concept and a marketing plan. However, if you collaborate with supplementary products and companies, then you will be able to build an audience more quickly for the group such as Elke and Noga from Urban Outsource before they started their own little startup, both leaned heavily on social media marketing to get the ball rolling on their start-up and their company gets up to 70 percent of their leads through social media campaigns.

Social Media Profiles

You should also use the synchronization of the social media profiles to exponentially increase your reach. Using one of many free tools, you can save time and manpower by automating the update procedure for all of your social networks. This will also create a bond between all of your social media profiles that will keep them all on the same wavelength in terms of content. You need to brand yourself so that people do not become confused about your message between your social media profiles. This synchronization will also allow you to encourage your fans to follow you on the other social networks to create more ubiquity for your content.


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