As the hotel industry adapts to cultural changes, it also must stay up to date on what guests expect from their stay. That means standing out to a variety of age groups, so each generation has its needs met at the same hotel.

Older generations enjoy hotel amenities such as free breakfasts and a pool to swim in while they’re away from home, but millennials have a different focus. Young people want to travel without breaking their fitness routine, so they consider potential hotels by looking at features such as fitness centers.

You must use fitness centers to keep your hotel relevant and attractive to guests. Consider the following ways you can update your hotel’s fitness center to draw in more guests each quarter.

They Emphasize the Hotel’s Value

Whether a guest is a young adult or a retiree, everyone wants to pay for a room rate that has good value. That means they’re willing to pay for a space that gives them something in return beyond a place to sleep.

Updated fitness centers show potential guests the hotel is always looking for ways to improve. It’s a level of thoughtfulness and care guests will appreciate, showing them they’re valued when they choose to book a room.

They Include Opportunities for Self-Improvement

A good fitness center is a place where guests can work on self-improvement. They may want to lose weight, gain muscle, or enjoy the self-confidence that comes from working out.

Hotels can hone in on this idea of self-improvement by building their health club. A hotel-brand fitness club will draw more guests into the fitness area than a gym that looks thrown together. It also provides hotels with an opportunity to add offerings such as specialized workout equipment or Wi-Fi-enabled machinery.

A bonus of building a hotel health club is that you can offer memberships to the general public, so news of the club spreads through natural word-of-mouth marketing.

They Provide a Much Needed Break

Guests staying at hotels for a variety of reasons, but sometimes they need a break from whatever they’re traveling for. They may want to get outside and stretch their legs, which is something any hotel can offer.

Outdoor fitness equipment has become a major fad for hotels in recent years. If a hotel chooses to invest in quality wellness products, guests will have a much better stay. Outdoor exercise has been proven to immediately reduce stress and improve moods, so guests feel the immediate benefits while they get a breath of fresh air.

They Offer Guests Something New

People who travel often come to expect a routine experience from the hotels they choose to stay with. A new continental breakfast menu or convenience bar item most likely won’t impress anyone, so hotels should give guests something new by partnering with local fitness classes.

Daily or bi-weekly fitness classes are an easy way to engage with guests through a fun activity. Yoga, pilates, and even dance workouts can all be done inside an open gym space that can double as a multi-purpose room when the classes aren’t in session.

Local fitness classes that take place in hotels make that hotel stand out from the competition. They also result in returning guests, who will prefer to stay where they can continue taking the classes they do at home.

They Change Traveling Workouts

Before leaving for their trip, hotel guests often do their research to discover what workouts they can do right in their rooms. They may not have the time to run down to the gym or the luggage space to bring all their workout gear with them.

A great hotel fitness center will change traveling workouts by including quick and effective routines through High Intensive Tactical Training (HITT) spaces. HITT uses minimal equipment and space while still packing a punch in terms of increasing a guest’s heart rate.

Because these workouts are quick and require minimal space, hotels should consider adding these to their fitness center when thinking about potential upgrades guests would enjoy.

The Round out a Guest’s Experience

Hotels are always looking for the next and newest way to round out a guest’s experience and get ahead of their needs. Creating or updating a fitness center is a great way to do that.
Invest in new outdoor equipment, partner with local classes, and refresh the look of your fitness center to draw more guests in and provide a happier stay. Guests will appreciate knowing the money they pay for their room is used to enhance their experience.

Implementing alternatives with outdoor workouts

The effects of exercising do not only depend on what you do. Find out the benefits you get by doing your workouts outdoors.

These benefits range from simply preferring the outdoor options to interesting influences of the sunlight, nature, and outside air on important hormone levels.

One thing to note is that working out indoors can also of course still offer valuable benefits. For example, if you only have the option to lift weights inside, you likely want to implement these types of workouts too.

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