Is your hotel an adapter or a value innovator?

As an adapter, we look at something that exists to make it better and more effective.

With value innovation, we look at the differentiation and low cost in context with how to create new, unique values for both customers and the hotel.

When we look at how to create an everyday, personalized customer experience in style, we look at both adaptation and value innovation.

Let’s dive into how to Think Outside – No Box Required and provide a unique offer ‘for the guest’ that also creates a new revenue stream for the hotel.

Relax – Renew – Refresh

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Hotels today want to be the unique “home away from home”, while still being design-oriented and freshly modern.

When we look at the personalized customer experience, what exactly is it that we are looking at?

Every customer wants to embrace their uniqueness, and if they can experience this as part of their vacation story, and then share it with their social network, it becomes a win-win for everyone involved.

Customers today are looking for more than a room and a bed to sleep on. Their expectations represent something unique that results in a transformation both before, during and after the experience.

The customer today selects a hotel based on a unique intent that has approval from their network.

They come to your hotel to relax, renew and refresh. And they now are in a state that influenced by inspirational visual ideas. These micro-moments become Instagrammable memories shared with their network.

Why does this matter for hotels?

It opens the door for the customers to take the inspirational ideas home with them.

Think Outside No Box Required


You might wonder what furniture has to do with social media marketing for hotels?

Well – everything!

Social media is the tool we use to listen, care, connect and build relationships with customers.

We use the same tool to maintain and optimize the hotel’s reputation.

As we already know customers are now looking for new inspirations and ideas they can take with them home, and share with their network and peers. Uniqueness provides an opportunity for the guest and consequently for the hotel.

Hotels today need to focus on new, stylish, trendy, design-oriented ways to appeal to both the hotel’s bottom line and their guests, using furniture. Make the hotel experience continue past the point of check-out.

By letting it continue into the guests’ homes, hotels stay in the forefront of the customer mind, while automatically creating talking points with friends and family and the social network, for a whole new level of word of mouth.

Doing it with the right furniture also saves on hotel maintenance costs while adding a new point of ancillary revenue.

This opens a new door for a new way of doing business.

Currently, hotels are replacing both outdoor and indoor furniture on a too-frequent basis. They aren’t focused on the long-term, but only on the short-term cost. Using higher-quality outdoor furniture by the pools and in the restaurants and bars means less maintenance, and less downtime while they replace pieces and a beautiful aesthetic that lasts longer.

Using sturdier, outdoor fabrics on indoor pieces means less water damage, easier cleaning, longer-lasting furniture, and lower maintenance in general.

Furniture who’s sustainability and quality has been tested in some of the roughest and busiest environments tell a story that helps add value to both customers and hotels.

Adaptation and value innovation have to happen in a relevant context that today adds value both to the customer and the hotel.

Create the perfect customer experience in style

Create the perfect customer experience in style

Wouldn’t it be great if the customer could take a picture-perfect hotel experience with home?

We know that what happens in Vegas makes up for the most Instagrammable hotel moments.

Somers Furniture provides products that have sustained all imaginable forms of customer treatment and has stood the test of time in doing so for over 30 years.

Creating furniture that handles rough weather, rough treatment, and regular maintenance, but still has a stylish design, and is hand-crafted in America is unique.

Outdoor fabrics have become softer, more beautiful, and more durable than ever. Using outdoor fabric and an easy to clean modern design in the guest room, will help with maintenance and cleaning, and rooms will stay online for longer periods instead of going out of order for replacement.

And finally, with Somers Furniture their new “For The Guest” program allows guests to work directly with a dedicated designer and buy that same hotel furniture customized to suit their own homes and their uniqueness, giving the hotel a much needed extra source of revenue.

The key to effective social media marketing is to first create profiles that generate awareness.

After this point, we use the tools to optimize the hotel’s social media marketing.

Focus on a theme for your hotel that embraces the customer intent.

This is what personalized customer experience is all about!

Happy customers will do anything to continue the RELATIONSHIP!


Today we look at alternatives that allow hotels to go beyond the loyalty programs and create lifelong customer value.

We don’t only want the customer to come back, but to make them so happy that when they do, they bring their friends, peers, and network to the hotel.

And with social media and a new, unique service-oriented offer, hotels can leverage every unique Instagrammable moment.

Somers Furniture has worked with some of the biggest names on the strip including The Golden Nugget, Giana’s, House of Blues, Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, Cosmopolitan, Paris, and more. They also did the home of the famed Property Brothers #PropertyBrothers.

“Somers has that personal touch that you do not get in dealing with any large corporations, they were very attentive and followed up to make sure we received the right product on the right schedule. Everything was manufactured to our satisfaction and it all fits great. Very good quality, that’s why we only went to Somers, your great reputation and your product speak for itself. We will use the Somers Furniture again.” – John Wald PRESIDENT – MANAGING PRINCIPAL, KLAI JUBA WALD ARCHITECTURE + INTERIORS

“Jeanne and Jen were great. They were always available when I had a question, they kept me up to date on progress, and they sent me pictures. The three pieces are beautiful. My boss was thrilled when they arrived. We get compliments on the design all the time. The delivery was great. No delays in problems getting the furniture in place. I would use Somers again in a heartbeat and I will recommend you to people I know in the hospitality industry. Keep up the great work” – Clint T. THE MOB MUSEUM

“Beautiful quality furniture! You know it will stand up if it is seen in casinos all over town. This is something you will not see at your neighbors; I like being unique. The team at Somers is friendly and knowledgeable.” – Brenda V.

“I am thrilled with my outdoor sectional and lounge I purchased from Somers Furniture!! The quality is outstanding, and I was able to consult with both Debbie (business owner) and Jeanne (sales associate) to make the perfect combination of style and fabric I was looking for.

This sectional gave my backyard a unique custom look and the WOW factor it needed! I am confident that the exceptional quality of this sectional set will last in the Vegas weather for years to come!

I received excellent customer service and personal attention throughout the entire custom making process, in which and I didn’t have to wait long. Somers Furniture is top-notch and delivered exactly as promised while giving top-level service!!

I am going to add more items to the yard for sure… love it!” – Thomas Reimer MAXIM VENTURES LLC

Dare to be different with Somers Furniture, and Think Outside – No Box Required. A new alternative, growth mindset will help your hotel reach ever-higher levels of achievements!


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A big thank you to Bree and the team at Sumers Furniture. Their team is there to help you with your hotels special needs.

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