Turn Conferences into Social Media Events

Hotels play a hugely important role in conference for business, social and civic organizations. Conferences bring guests into the hotel in ways that other types of advertising and promotions might not.

Hotels who offer conference facilities have a greater opportunity to enhance their status among competitors when the groups and organizations they choose for their conference calendars are carefully considered. Hotels can turn conferences into social media events by addressing the need for a wider stream of publicity. Social media venues like Facebook and Twitter can do much to achieve this goal.

How Hotels Can Turn Conferences into Social Media Events

It takes precision planning to arrive at a schedule of conferences that turn them into social media events. Integrating hotel advertising and access to social media can turn a lackluster conference into a spectacular event that goes public with greater speed. Most conference patrons and attendees enjoy the ambiance hotels offer.

This is one positive aspect that can go public via social media venues with minimal impetus. Choose a social media venue that allows conferences attendees to post the positive features of the hotel, conference site and programs. It may be necessary to work with conference planners to gather information in advance of the conference date for use in social media. This is a kind of interactive publicity program that benefits the hotel and event planners.

The Spectacular Hotel Social Media Event

It’s essential that when conferences are booked at hotels that each conference fits neatly and seamlessly into the hotel’s overall plan for promotion and advertising. Check with conference event planners to seek highlights that show hotel features in the best possible spotlight. This can become the focal point of a spectacular social media event for the hotel and conference. Choose conference events that highlight top name guest speaker. Another focal point can be a special program of interest that’s unique and draws larger patronage. Plan hotel social media events according to the type and size of the conference. A hotel social media event becomes spectacular when all of the social media venues extend the reach of the hotel’s hosting these conferences.

Hotel Conferences in Order of Priority

Most hoteliers know that conferences fall into a variety of categories. Some of these categories take precedence over others. To achieve maximum saturation for social media events, it’s important to prioritize conferences according to timing, recognition, and value to the hotel.

Should the size of a conference exceed conference room occupancy; this is the ideal opportunity to encourage social media video webinars. This is a way of attracting offsite patrons to view the conference and the hotel simultaneously. Ideally, this grants hotels greater exposure and encouragement of webinar patrons to visit the hotel for vacations and other special occasions.

Timing of hotel conference isn’t just a matter of keeping a calendar. It’s also a matter of timing conferences to meet seasonal themes, particularly before holidays. Time the top conferences a few weeks before the start of a holiday season. Recognition is another factor in prioritizing hotel conferences.

Try to match the recognition of the conference group to the most popularly patronized events. The value to hotels of conferences that follow an explicit pattern of recognition and timing should be the third consideration for social media events at hotels.

This post comes from Sarah Smith, who writes for Noosh Catering. The folks at Noosh are always working closely with hoteliers to ensure that conferences and big events hosted on hotel premises are memorable experiences.


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