Native Smart Automation will help hotels become smarter, more proactive, and support innovative personalization.

By reimagining a new process with dedicated and intelligent process automation hotels can deliver new unforgettable experiences.

Native smart automation is the future that will help hotels with important engagements and support new needs that will delight a new generation of customers.

The importance of a smart automation

Smart automation is part of the digital shift that customers now are more dependent on due to the coronavirus.

Travel bans, social distancing, mental challenges, newly imposed health requirements have forced us all to look at digital marketing from a new perspective.

Hotels now must reimagine new ideal customers based on who is traveling now.

Several states within the United States are starting to ease some of the restrictions that have been put in place due to the coronavirus.

And within the United States, we will start seeing more local and domestic travel this summer. It will take a little longer time before international travel will bounce back again.

Smart automation is the first step for hotels to acquire relevant data about new uncontested markets.

Understanding the history that leads up to smart automation

One of the side effects of the coronavirus is that digitalization is now moving at the speed of light.

After 9/11 we experienced some disruptions where hotels started to experience more last-minute reservations. This was caused by fear of travel with an airplane, fear of another attack, and fear of fellow passengers.

Around 9/11 there was not a large presence of online travel agencies. But the disruptions initiated a change in booking patterns.

The biggest disruption from a digital perspective happened from 2009 – 2012. It was during this time mobile applications really started to evolve.

We saw independent mobile booking applications that capitalized on last-minute reservations, while online travel agencies focused on mobile apps that allowed travelers to bundle all their travel needs.

And with the rise of mobile internet, social networks also started to occupy tangible parts of the travel network.

In 2016, Facebook Messenger allowed developers to place chatbots on their platform. And we started to see several brands utilizing chatbots to answer simple questions, increase customer engagement, for promotion, and to offer additional ways to order from them.

The rise of native smart automation

The word “native” refers to this coherence of the content with the other media that appear on the relevant platform.

Native smart automation will help hotels match the form and function of real-time interaction, communication, and information.

It will also help collect relevant data from cognitive – perception, affective – intent, behavioral – action to improve customer sentiments towards hotels.

OTAs will still have a stronghold on hotel bookings. What we see is that the coronavirus has created new patterns and habits with travelers.

What we see with these new patterns and habits is that native smart automation is opening a new window of opportunity for hotels to tap into new uncontested markets and gain new market shares.

It is time for you to start creating a new positive shift in direct booking for your hotel.

Smart automation helps you better understand your hotels’ new ideal customers

Why should hotels care about smart automation?

The overall goal is to gain more happy employees, increased productivity, and more effective use of your hotel’s resources.

Native smart automation focuses on value innovation and a growth mindset.

Hotels must understand the primary flow of their new ideal customers. And it all starts with understanding your tribe at a deep level.

Once you really know your new ideal customer, you’ll understand who they are, how they speak, what they’re thinking, what they want, what’s stopping them from pursuing what they want, and even why they want what they want.

This deep understanding will create the basis of everything your hotel says, write and do in your business – from your experience offers to your emails and social media posts.

All of this will be done in context with relevant data from cognitive – perception, affective – intent, behavioral – action to further improve customer sentiments towards your hotel.

tribeNative Smart Automation and Augmented Coaching

One success key for Native Smart Automation is that your hotel plays an active role in the process.

Artificial intelligence will help your hotel with consistency and when done right collect all the relevant data you need.

Native Smart Automation can help hotels with several simple operational functions. As indicated the overall goal is to gain more happy employees, increased productivity, and more effective use of your hotel’s resources.

In addition, we also want this to be a cost-effective process for your hotel.

The key is to focus on automat simple operational tasks so that employees can focus on more complex tasks that help them become more productive and effective.

This is where augmented coaching comes into play. Native Smart Automation uses artificial intelligence and advanced technology.

Augmented coaching will help hotels use data from the employee’s natural environment using an internal application by displaying text, images, video, or playing audio. This will help hotels to teach innovative thinking and leadership skills by learning-by-doing.

Become the hero of the Guest Recovery Process

Many hotels lose a large portion of their revenue in the guest recovery process.

Often with a challenge or a concern the employee experiences some form of fear with a customer confrontation.

Through augmented coaching, you empower the employees to provide timely and relevant solutions.

The goal is to help the employee get a better understanding of the lifetime value of a customer.

And when the processes are starting to show results in more positive reviews and returns, guests showcase this with all employees and reward them.

Your hotel employees will then not only help you pinpoint your tribe, but they become part of it.

Your Tribe will amplify your community and network

The only way Native Smart Automation will work is through a dynamic team.

You must make sure they have the tools and training that allow them to interact, communicate, and inform in real time with customers.

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Many hoteliers today talk about the importance of a personalized experience. A personalized experience happens when employees implement relevant data with a personal touch.

If you allow your employees to become part of your hotel’s tribe, they will also help amplify your community and network.

Native Smart Automation alone will not save the future of your hotels. It will also require happy employees.

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