There are two main reasons why Hotel owners make their Hotels eco-friendlier. They know it is a legitimate way to entice more guests and reduce costs. Also, going green is a necessary and great thing to do for future generations.

Today, nature-friendly Hotels are becoming more popular as there is a steep rise in ‘go-green’ travelers. For this reason, Hotel owners should consider using their green credentials to enhance bookings and revenue.

In this piece, there are simple ideas on how green Hotels can market themselves without burning a hole in their pockets. These tips will help position your Hotel business better.

1. Get listed on TripAdvisor

Being seen to be green is an excellent way to promote and boost your Hotel business. Promote it on TripAdvisor’s Green Leaders Programme – they showcase all nature-friendly Hotels to customers or guests.

2. Advertise using environmental-friendly signs or logos

In your marketing collaterals, make use of the nature-friendly signs or logos like waste management practices (reuse and recycle), water-saving, and energy saving. Also, you can consider designing a quality custom logo to act as a marketing communication. Visual logos or signs will appeal to the onlooker.

An easy and quick way to demonstrate your Hotel’s environmental conscious or green offerings is by printing on business cards and recycled paper.

3. Make green practices your Hotel’s selling point

Market your green Hotel using terms such as less wastage, less energy, chemical-free solutions, and recycles materials. Use them on platforms such as social media, business cards, mailers, flyers, and leaflets. They act as a differentiator between conventional Hotels and green Hotels. Promote all your green offerings and services be it organic food, biodegradable soaps, or bicycles for customers to commute in shorter distances.

4. Collaborate with green organizations

The green organizations help in promoting green services and save the environment. Collaborating with such organizations will tell guests that the Hotel cares for some details, which go further than simply offering a great service.

5. Mobile app

There is no doubt that mobile bookings are steadily increasing. If your Hotel business has the budget, opt to invest in a mobile app. It can highlight your niche practices like eco-friendly packages and offers, recycling, and energy conservation. The app can be used to push the initiatives offers to the customers and you could integrate a booking engine for your hotel on the go bookers as well.

6. Online marketing via web banner

Display advertising ads can take the customer or guests from the host website to a specific landing page or the advertiser’s website.

Also, Hotels should build an email database and put an end to any printed coupon mailers to help save the environment – print ads such as hoardings are non-eco-friendly and expensive. The less paper wastage will act as an incredible and effective way for Hotels to reach out to their customers or guests.

7. Website

Use your Hotel business website to digitally show your commitment. Write an engaging and positive marketing message to win the custom and loyalty of guests. Include the style of decoration, the sizes of the rooms, the eco measures, prices, and menus. For instance, you can mention that each room has a recycling bin for recyclables such as scrap metals, plastics, and papers. In addition to that, encourage the guests onboard to give their feedback and respond to their comments.


Applying waste management policy to your Hotel and positioning your Hotel business as nature-friendly is a great marketing gimmick. Put simply, identify the eco measures and use them to advertise and promote your Hotel better to the travelers. Remember that clear communications to customers is key for ‘doing well’ sustainability marketing.

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