How To Attract More Opportunities To Hotels with Content Management

Content Management is the administration of digital content throughout its lifecycle, from creation to permanent storage or deletion. The content involved may be images, video, audio and multimedia as well as text.

Content that comes through various Social Media channels in real time often appears to be a mess. But if we look at the mess there is a system to the madness. Even some psychologists have indicated that a messy environment encourages creativity.

A messy environment today represent new signals like “We are here to think differently!”.

How to turn a Creative Mess into Business

In addition to that, a messy environment encourages creativity we know that travel also does the same.

Content Management will provide many opportunities for Hotels in all categories. During vacation research, 55 percent indicated they liked pages relating to the trip they were planning. This is a very important reference point for travel brands, as Social Media is an important research tool for vacationers. If a brand can present itself to a vacationer then it could influence those 33 percent that changes Hotels, or the 7 percent that changes their destination.

One of the major shifts we see particularly with Millenial business travelers is that they spend more time researching their options. They want to do what is best for the company, best for their budget and best for themselves from a service standpoint.

‘What, When, Where, Who and How’ has been the strategic cornerstones of customer-centric organizations. For brands in the Hotel industry, answering these questions has never been more important. The traveler landscape has always been complex but as new technologies emerge, travelers are faced with a greater choice – and, at the same time, greater complexity.

The future for Hotels lays in creating a more rewarding journey.

Amadeus defined the future traveler in six different tribes:

Obligation Meeters have their travel choices restricted by the need to meet some bounded objective. In addition to business travel commitments, these obligations can include personal obligations such as religious festivals, weddings, and family gatherings. Business travelers are the most significant micro-group of many falling within this camp. Although they will arrange or improvise other activity around their primary purpose, their core needs and behaviors mainly are shaped by their need to be in a certain place, at a certain time, without fail.

Simplicity Searchers value ease and transparency in their travel planning and holidaymaking above all else and are willing to outsource their decision-making to trusted parties to avoid having to go through extensive research themselves.

Ethical Travelers allow their conscience, in some shape or form, to be their guide when organizing and undertaking their travel. They may make concessions to environmental concerns, let their political idols shape their choices or have a heightened awareness of how their tourism spend contributes to economies and markets.

Reward Hunters focus on self-indulgent travel that will often mix a focus on luxury with self-improvement and personal health. The seeking of ‘reward’ for hard work in other areas of their life is what motivates them. They are looking for luxury experiences that are several notches above the everyday.

Cultural Purists use their travel as an opportunity to immerse themselves in an unfamiliar culture, looking to break themselves entirely from their home lives and engage sincerely with a different way of living.

Social Capital Seekers understand that to be well-traveled is an enviable personal quality, and their choices are shaped by their desire to take maximal social reward from their travel. They will exploit the potential of digital media to enrich and inform their experiences and structure their adventures with the fact of their being watched by online audiences ever in mind.

Source: Amadeus

The Hotel can no longer hide or over-market their me-too offering when virtually everyone has a global megaphone. This has forced Hotels to rely more on creating Content Marketing strategies that focus on leveraging marketing and sales techniques. To thrive in this marketplace, your offering needs to stand out as never before. That’s what gets people share your praises, not your faults, giving five-star ratings; clicking the thumbs up, not the thumbs down; listing your offering as favorites on Social media sites, and even being inspired to positively blog about your offering.

Content Management is all about knowing how your Hotels content impacts your Social Communities and tribes. Every Hotel has the ability to influence customers through superior Customer Performances. Your Hotels content is represented in the stories that are shared around the coffee tables and water coolers.

Focus on new strategies and emphasize value innovation. Reposition your Hotel for new shifts that focus on Content Management strategies that are designed to bring out the true values of your Hotel.

Customers are influenced by Social Media in different ways throughout the vacation process. They use specific channels before they travel, others while they’re away, and yet others after they return home. When someone is planning a trip, digital channels begin as a source of inspiration. As inspiration takes shape, those channels become planning tools. Some people spend a lot of pre-trip time online, from daydreaming through shopping and booking. And through it all, they’re bombarded with information.

When Hotels start to use Content Management with the same calculating rigor they’ve used for years with TV, radio, and print, they can incorporate the world’s most flexible, immediate, and responsive media tools into a holistic, actionable, and measurable omnichannel strategy. In many cases, they can put content at the center of that strategy.


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