A drop-in meeting room bookings in your property can be worrying, especially when you are new in the hotel business. After staying in the industry, however, you will note that many hotels also have to deal with low demand in meeting room bookings, especially during off-peak season.

What Are the Long-Term Strategies?

In such a time, some hotels are tempted to reduce their rates to attract more bookings and boost their revenues. Although this move might attract bookings in the short-term, it might trigger a price war. In the long-run, it compromises your price integrity. This means that you might face resistance when you want to review your rates upwards.

Corporate entities spend large sums of money on renting meeting rooms for their training, induction of new employees and other corporate events. This means that there is an opportunity for your hotel to secure part of this market. Make sure you understand the function of meeting rooms, conferences and space events and provide what your clients need. The trick is to make sure that your clients can find it.

With many corporations and businesses browsing online for ideal meeting rooms via company booking tools, what can your hotel do to boost event spaces booking at your hotel with SEO?

How SEO Enhance Your Meeting Room Bookings?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will help you enhance the visibility of your seminar room for rent at your hotel online. To raise the levels of visitor traffic at your hotel website and increase your meeting room bookings, you must ensure your website is visible on top search engine results pages.

Optimizing your web pages will allow your hotel to rank well in the search engines and be visible to more people.

What are the benefits of optimizing your hotel meeting room bookings?

  • It keeps your meeting room rental ahead of the competition
  • It establishes credibility and authority of your hotel’s meeting rooms
  • It enhances customer loyalty and engagement
  • It boosts your hotel’s brand awareness by reaching a wider customer base
  • It generates interests in your event spaces booking business
  • It builds traffic for your hotel website

To enjoy such benefits, you just need to implement an efficient SEO strategy such as adhering to meta guidelines and keyword placement. This will help you to boost your search engine ranking while optimizing visibility.

Under keyword placement, you can embed your SEO keywords at strategic places where search engines pay close attention when examining web page content. Place your keywords in the following sections of your website content:

  • In article headlines and sub-heads
  • In the first 25 words of your page
  • In the last 25 words of your page

A metasearch engine is a search tool that directs queries to various search engines where it collects data to produce its analysis. The metasearch engine will allow your hotel to be on the same playing level with other chains or large hotels.

Moreover, rates from your hotel website are presented alongside OTAs as part of your guest’s booking choices. This implies that your meeting rooms will have a better chance of capturing your client’s booking more directly.

Moreover, the metasearch websites will provide an advertising opportunity to showcase your meeting rooms on various portals while you create an online community with your guests, their reviews, and ratings.

You can also boost your meeting room bookings at your hotel by adding a blog post providing context to the various keywords you are using. This will show Google and other search engines how relevant and valuable your content is.

Boosting your seminar room rental bookings in your hotel is not an overnight task. As such, you must plan your marketing and SEO strategy now and start working on them right away.

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