How To Build an Awesome Hospitality Career This Year

One of the biggest challenges for the hotel industry over the last years has been to find and identify qualified candidates.

This is now getting many to start to focus on new fresh ideas and alternatives that make Hotel jobs more attractive.

There is no shortage of open attractive positions for talented candidates. But for many Hotels, it appears like there is a shortage of talent. And some research has shown that many students view Hotel jobs as temporary job opportunities rather than a career move.

Hotels today have to focus on alternative ways to attract the right candidate. In the jungle of online job listings, this can be a daunting task for both the Hotel and the potential ideal candidates.

Many Hotels are also consolidating several positions by streamlining jobs to keep budgets under controls. This again is causing slower growth in comparison with other jobs.

Why this an exciting time starting a Hospitality Career

One of the primary aspects Social Media have brought a new life to is the Customer Experience. Customers have today a huge impact on influencing their own experience. They have become the artist that imagine the picture and then put life to it.

Hoteliers are now becoming performers that assist the customers in this process. Hospitality Education today is geared toward building next-generation Customer Performers.

For many years, Hotels has considered being part of the Service Industry. Service is still very important for the industry, but today I will say we are shifting towards the Performance Industry.

Social Media is making every act and action visible to a network of unseen visitors. The Hotel industry is more fragmented than ever, the competitors are more diversified and unique.

The Hotel Industry is will start to take advantage of new tools, services, and strategies to identify top candidates for job openings.

Start today with building an awesome Hospitality Career.

why you should consider a career in hospitality

What are some of the biggest challenges finding quality candidates today for Hotel positions?


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