Today hotels have to understand the data and psychology of what generates a direct booking.

Data from sources like STAAH, Siteminder, GlobalData, and Skift shows that even if demand was dramatically lower in 2020 for hotels direct booking gained market shares.

OTAs will still have a stronghold on hotel bookings. What we see is that COVID-19 has created new patterns and habits with travelers.

What we see with these new patterns and habits is digitalization is opening a window of opportunity for hotels to tap into new uncontested markets and gain new market shares.

It is time for you to start creating a new positive shift in direct booking for your hotel.

The power of collaboration

Travelers today are seeking a booking experience from a service provider that delivers a strong social media presence, mobile application, easy and seamless booking experience. They are now looking for a unique personalized experience offer.

The collaboration will help your hotel bring the team closer to travelers and identify new ways where you can learn from each other.

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Identifying new and more effective ways to communicate and inform travelers about your hotel’s experience offers will help you towards gaining new marketing shares.

Identity and trust matter today and it will lead towards a higher retention ratio for your hotel.

The key for your hotel is to position yourself for smarter decisions.

Smart Decision towards a more effective direct booking strategy

Smart Decision towards a more effective direct booking strategyYou must understand your hotel’s direct channel and the data that triggers a direct booking.

And you want to identify how effective your hotel’s direct booking strategy is compared with the market and competition.

BenchDirect is the first of its kind, providing hotels with never-before-seen competitive data that completely changes the rules of the game.

With unparalleled competitive data from a global network of hotels, as well as their comprehensive understanding of digital user behavior BenchDirect provides you with all the insight you need to grow your direct booking.

Amplify the customer journey

Understanding the customer journey along with relevant data will give your hotel unique insight and knowledge for designing a personalized direct booking experience.
Amplify the customer journeyBenchDirect analyzes the full booking funnel so you can identify where you are under or overperforming, and pinpoint how to improve your results, at a granular level.

This helps you with a better understanding of what your conversion rates should be. It is critical today to get a better understanding of what part of the customer journey leads to increased revenue and lifetime customers.

New technology and tools serve today as amplifiers of the information flow. Customers today want the one-click right-this-moment experience offer that suits their needs.

Hotels are today required to collect more information on their ideal customers and guests than ever before.

The Direct Booking Index™ (DBI)

With The Hotels Network’s new Direct Booking Index™ (DBI) a key component of BenchDirect your hotel now will be in a unique position to define the future of direct bookings.

Based on data collected from our global network of 7,000+ hotels, the DBI™ is accessible exclusively to hotels who create a BenchDirect account, which is free for hotels forever. These insights are already being used by thousands of hotels worldwide as a benchmark for their direct channel strategy efforts.

Many hotels are used to tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) and comparing them to the market, to recognize the areas that require the most focus. Using the DBI™ to track how effective your hotel’s direct channel strategy will encourage your brand to give this much-needed focus to the direct channel and allocate the necessary attention to finding new ways to generate additional direct revenue.

Value Innovation and Cost-Effective solution

In today’s challenging market we must look at alternatives that focus on value innovation and cost-effective solutions for hotels.

BenchDirect collects important data from the customer journey that allows your hotel to create a unique personalized direct booking experience.

And the best part is that it is completely free to use.

Sign up today to create your free account and start benchmark your hotels DBI™.

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