Through research and talking with hoteliers, the biggest challenge in the digital marketing landscape is content marketing.

Wait a minute… should there not be almost an overload of content for hotels to take advantage of in their digital marketing efforts?

Did hoteliers get confused? or is this an excuse to avoid putting in some time and resources on digital marketing?

Content has existed within the industry since the first hotel opened in 1768.

The evolution in the hotel industry is no different than any other industry when it comes to marketing. It came along with economic pressures and a need to satisfy customers. There was a growth in markets who needed accommodations.

Hotels should understand the content and they should also understand marketing.

But once we mix content marketing into a digital market it all gets a little muddier.

Oh, don’t worry I am not here to pick on hotels! I understand the confusion and what caused it.

To be honest and transparent, I was a bit confused myself for a long period. And for many brands, not just hotels there still exists some confusion about content marketing.

Let’s start getting your hotel out of the mud and focus on how to embrace content marketing that generates high conversions.


It is not about the tools it is about the stories

Content marketing is the art of turning a story into a personalized experience. Just look at ‘The Magic of Disney’.  The story is already laid out – all Disney has to do is to put in place the tools that amplify the story.

And this brings us to the key point for hotels to understand. Customers still need accommodations, but they also want to use tools that help create a personalized experience they can share with their friends and peers.

Oh, and when customer today share their story with friends and peers, they take into account their extended social networks.

In the past customers shared their stories with ten maybe fifty friends within a month. Now they share it with hundreds or thousands in a matter of seconds.

And that brings us to another point with digital marketing, the life span of the story today is extremely short.

This is where we put the tools into play. Very few hotels today can create evergreen content. Customers expect fresh personalized content.

Creating the ultimate content funnel for your hotel

Content marketing and conversion come as a result of a proven process that put the stories in a relevant context.

In the backend, hotels need to do their part to help amplify the stories and build on the processes that generate retention.

Reputation ManagementUser-generated content will initiate the turbine effect in the digital marketing funnel. But if hotels don’t use the tools to understand the process themselves content marketing has zero value.

Content Marketing Stats and Facts [Infographic]nfographic content marketing

Source: Review42


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