How To Make The Best Hotel Social Media Corporate Culture

A Social Media Corporate Culture consists of important bonds with your Hotels employees, customers, visitors, guests, and Communities. It is centered on believes that every interaction is an opportunity to strengthen a relationship, add voice to your brand, and develop a long-term source of revenue for your Hotel.

“Hotels need to have a corporate culture that is focused on the customer to utilize digital marketing and Social Media effectively.” says David Dalka, Founder and Managing Director of Fearless Revival.”

In many cases, it appears like many Hotels forgets a little about the main objectives of Hospitality when it comes to Social Media. The stories told after the guest checks out of the Hotel often represent a summary of their overall experience.

Do your Hotel have a solid foundation that supports the overall guest experience?

For most Hotels, employees are the faces of the organization and they have a great impact on the culture.

You have to start by looking at what type of experiences are you creating for your employees. The culture of your Hotel is represented by how the employees think and act daily.

Today the engagement with guests happens in the Virtual space. New Hotel paradigms mean that when it comes to communicating culture, it’s anything but business as usual.

Social Interaction is the key to Happiness

It is no surprise that Social Interactions can be a great source of happiness.

Today’s consumers are rethinking the way they spend “fragile” time and money—weighing the perceived value of the consumer experience against the result (and the cost). The consequence has been nothing short of a consumer revolution.

Rather than simply accepting what Hotel tell them, consumers today are turning to their “trusted” networks and communities for guidance about the value of each purchase.

Social studies have shown that human beings need happiness and Social relationships to thrive. When we have the community we can count on family, friends, collogues, spouse, the network we multiply our emotions, intellectual, and physical resources.

Social Interactions jolt us in the micro-moments where each single connections strengthen a relationship over time, which raises happiness over time.

It is important to know that to make a difference to both the performance and the experience Social contact need not always to be deep to be effective. Brief encounters that fuel high-quality connections can be one conversation, one email, one moment of connection. It is all about embrace the micro-moment and shows that the other part matter.

Build a strong team around values like respect and authenticity. The ripple effect into a Social Media Corporate Culture will make your Hotel understand that Social Media and happiness is more than just a paradigm shift.

The real power of Social Media stems from its ability to scale through brand advocates, product enthusiasts, and market influencers who amplify messages, support products and act as brand ambassadors. It’s important to note that consumers don’t assume these roles because it helps your Hotel.

They do so because it helps them meet their own needs. There are many reasons advocates, enthusiasts, and influencers do what they do: enjoyment, personal satisfaction, having an effect on something they care about, gaining access to inside information, and more. Your job is to support their efforts—or at least get out of their way.

Consumers are loyal to brand demand consistency. They may not do so actively or even intentionally, but they will keep up their end of the bargain displaying product and service loyalty and advocacy. If your Hotel keeps up yours delivering a consistent brand presence.

Happiness and Social Media Corporate Culture supports consistency. You can’t just say on the Hotel website that “our people are our greatest assets”, it is when guests share and return with their friends due to a unique experience you will discover the true ripple effect of doing the right things.

This is the moment where you finally can make an impact on new and renewed customers. Learn how you can start to make a new shift today below here.

Surprise and delight are what makes dreams come true.


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