Having a high-end Hotel is a customer relation high-intensity business. In addition to having luxury Hotel accommodations, most guests expect that their Hotel accommodations will provide them with the very best services available for any of their needs during their stay.

Understand Your Guests

When traveling, one of the biggest concerns for many guests can be having the ability to get their laundry done. Most travelers do not have time to try to find an accessible nearby laundromat during their stay. Because of this Five-Star Hotels can readily drum up sizable extra cash flow with in-house laundry service in Hotel guest services. Since most Five-Star Hotels use special commercial laundry machines for Hotels their ability to offer to launder for guests is easy.

Additionally, use a high-quality commercial washer such as Maytag will ensure the clothes come out in great condition.

Many high-end Hotels also offer guests the ability to use in-house laundry machines in a special laundry room area on Hotel grounds as well. This is usually promoted with laundromat signage and in-room notifications. These services offer guests the perfect answer for their laundry needs while offering a good financial boost for the hotel annually.

Since laundry services can be an essential need for both leisure and business travelers, it is a fairly easy Hotel promotion that does not require extensive effort to offer a consistent cash flow. The need is often even greater for business and vacation travelers when their stay is longer than a few days. Hotels that are looking to promote laundry services and laundry machine availability, there is a variety of promotional tools that can be used to get guests to use their services.

Good Hotel Laundry Services Promotional Ideas

Five-star Hotels can offer promotions for free laundry services for extended stay guests or those who use their room service. Giving corporate bonus laundry special rates to executive business travelers is a great promotional idea that can work well. The exact form of marketing laundry services or machine availability varies by hotel. However, informing guests and offering great services at a good price is usually the best way to get them to participate.

To attract guests to use this service, it is important to notify all guests what the Hotel services are for laundry. There are many ways to market laundry services and high-grade laundry machines for guest use. One approach that is proven to be very effective, is having a welcome letter in each room for new guests to introduce them to hotel laundry services.

While most Five-Star Hotels offer laundry services and laundry machines for guest use, many do not promote this service which is a big lost financial opportunity.

Letting customers know about Hotel in-house laundry services and machines available in Hotel guest services will usually increase guest usage. Welcome letters that make a quick notation for guests who find that they didn’t pack enough clothes for the trip or have accidentally gotten a food stain from dinner on a clothing item they need for another occasion can be a great promotional that gets guests thinking of their laundering needs.

Guest Service Menu

Create a guest service menu that informs your guest about your Hotels laundry services.

Make your guest feel welcome once they open the door to their room. This is an opportunity to create an instagrammable moment.

Special Laundering Promotions

Offering promotions to guests who use room service or book online can also be a great special promotion boost. For those Hotels that have a high online reservation system, offering guests two or three free pieces of laundry cleaned with each online reservation of two days or more for guests is a great way to drum up extra laundry orders.

Hotels can also offer 20% laundry services to guests that stay 3 days or more.

Both of these types of promotions often inspire guests to have additional items sent to laundry services for laundering.

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