TripAdvisor tells us that traveler reviews remain a go-to source for information.

Research shows that;

  • 95% of travelers trust online reviews
  • 85% of travelers read up to 10 reviews
  • 78% of claims reviews help them feel more confident in their decisions

And as much as 80% said hotel reviews meet their expectations.

Not only are travelers relying on reviews for their decisions, but they expect to see an authentic response from the hotel management.

  • 80% of potential customers believe than an appropriate management response to a bad review improves their impression of the hotel
  • 62% think that seeing the hotel’s response to reviews influenced them positively to booking at the hotel
  • 71% believe that management response is important
  • 68 say that they would choose a hotel with a management response over a competitor without
  • Hotels can expect to increase their reviews by 147% just by responding

When TripAdvisor asked travelers why they give reviews 87% answered that they want to share a good experience with fellow travelers.

This is why hotels need to understand conversational marketing to humanize, connect and provide an authentic and transparent response.

Using Conversational Marketing to leverage your hotel’s reviews

Conversational marketing is most effective in real-time today. As hoteliers, we want to transform and delight before and during the experience.

Listen, care, connect and build relationships with travelers to understand all the micro-moments that impact their journey.

It starts that your hotel team understands meaningful conversations. You want travelers to feel they have a purpose for their journey, and that your hotel is there to help them achieve this.

Active and effective listening is key here.

Effective conversations will help your hotel focus down on the objectives of the travelers. Why are they engaging with your hotel, and what they want to come away with?

Hotels need to understand that they need to have a dialog with the travelers.

We all are aware of the many hotel managers dreads difficult conversations.

Despite training, technology, tools, and other measurement put in place concerns still will occur.

Today we have access to advance tools and strategies that put front-line hotel marketers and employees in a position to take proactive actions before and during the stay.

If travelers leave the hotel with an unresolved concern this often is reflected in a negative review.

Artificial Intelligence and chatbots will help hotels scale and leverage reviews. This allows us to put in place new innovative strategies to better understand travelers’ needs and wants.

Why Online Reviews Have Become The Lifeblood Of The Hotel Industry [Infographic]

why online reviews have become the lifeblood of hotel industry

Credit: Maiden Stride


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