The ever-increasing competition in the hotel industry demands proactive nature which can take the upcoming situations head-on. This is why hotels miss no opportunity to attract new guests and gain a competitive edge. For such situations, hotel technology plays a great role in completing the task and paves the way for a better customer experience by improving overall business operations.

If you are one such business that is still working in the traditional ways, this article is surely going to change your entire working pattern. In this article, you will know everything about how to use hotel technology to get ahead of your competitors.

Why Do Hoteliers Need to Invest in Technology?

Technology has become primitive in everyday life for everyone. As the hospitality industry struggles hard in the battle against the pandemic, it has become an important tool to overcome difficult situations.

Here’s how technology can impact the success of your hotel –

Using advanced and smart technology solutions in your business will keep you up-to-date by providing relevant and high-quality data on time. It provides hoteliers with the required essentials that can help them make a difference to stand apart from their competitors. Earlier, technology was seen as a luxury, but today it has become a vital part of a smooth guest experience and their safety.

By eliminating earlier methods like making a booking while waiting at the desk with a contactless booking system during COVID-19, it has earned the trust of customers aptly. It somehow makes the process much better and smoother. All these factors contribute to making your hotel business a success.

Benefits Of Technology In The Hotel Industry Include –

1. Easy Accessibility

Improved technology has made hotel services easily accessible to customers, enhancing their experience. For example, everything must be within their arm’s reach for easy access.

Guests can now gain any information about the hotel by simply using a guest application that provides valuable information about nearby restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, and much more.

2. Enhanced Communication

Technology has played a great role in enhancing communication between the hotel and customers effectively. They can now interact with the property using guest messaging and other similar tools. Breaking such communication barriers is important in the hospitality and tourism industries when the companies are large and dispersed. Improved communication also facilitates a stronger bond with your customers by immediately resolving their conflicts and issues.

3. Improved Safety and Security

Facilities like smart room access systems have enhanced the safety and security of guests by enabling them to unlock their doors by swiping their phones across a keyless pad.

Furthermore, installing other features like smart sensors and voice-activated devices would make security more effective.

7 Hotel Technologies & Their Uses to Get Ahead in The Competition

We have mentioned 7 Hotel Technology Trends 2022 and their uses to get ahead in the competition. These are –

1. Price Intelligence

Price intelligence tools like Makcorps Hotel Pricing API help you get real-time pricing data, in detailed insights on current price trends to provide you with a competitive edge. It crawls through over 200 + OTA platforms to deliver accurate and efficient data for your business.

How To Use:

You can use Makcorps Pricing Data API to create good pricing strategies and attain leverage against your competitors. Furthermore, you can timely release coupons, discounts, and other offers to attract customers and increase your occupancy rate. You can start by trying the trial plan offered by the API.

2. Smart Hotel Rooms

Smart Hotels Rooms are programmed to automatically reduce power usage during certain hours of the day. Technology in hotel rooms is the new trend that personalizes guest stay-in experience.

How To Use:

It enables guests to adjust their room temperature and lighting through a remote or smartphone easily. This type of technology not only just enhances the guest experience but also helps to tell yours to reduce their operating costs which are related to energy usage.

3. Big data

It is a large collection of data that businesses collect from consumers to analyze customer behavior and make other strategic business decisions.

How To Use:

You can use big data insights to optimize your functions and cater your services directly to guests’ needs and interests. This will make your services more personalized and something that your customers will never forget.

4. Contactless Payments

Contactless payments are the wireless technology used to complete transactions at the hotel. Customers can place their cards or use mobile devices to quickly complete transactions without making any physical contact at the property.

How To Use:

You can use this technology to reduce your check-in and checkout time by quickly completing the transactions. UPI transactions and payments by scanning a QR code are great examples of this technology.

5. Translation Devices

When you own a hospitality business, you are likely to host foreign guests who speak multiple languages. Thus, for clear communication and great customer service, hotels can make use of translation devices.

How To Use:

Many translation devices are available to integrate into guest services so that you can communicate with anyone in their native language. You can use these devices by directly integrating them into your business operations.

6, IoT (Internet of Things)

The Internet of things is one of the top new hospitality technology trends that allows various devices to be connected through the Internet and controlled by one central source.

How To Use:

You can use it in the guest’s room to enable them to easily control everything in their room and personalize it to their needs. Some of the examples can be related to digital key cards, smart hotel rooms, and voice-controlled customer services.

7. CyberSecurity

In the industry like hotel and tourism which operates on a large amount of data, stories of cyber-attacks are quite common. Thus, for safety purposes, the hotel industry requires stronger cybersecurity practices.

How to use:

You can invest in stronger security measures to ensure that you don’t suffer any unwanted consequences. Also, ensure that your network is secure enough for sensitive business information.


Guest preferences are changing rapidly in today’s scenario and to meet up with their expectations the hospitality industry must shake hands with the latest technology trends.

In this article, we have mentioned current technology trends that can provide your business a boost by enhancing your operations.

You can implement these smart technology solutions to make a difference in your services. So, start updating your hotel technology today.

Over to you

The hotel industry is always changing, especially during a time of crisis. Make sure to future-proof your business and continue attracting new guests by investing in these solutions.

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