How To Use Social Media to Quickly recognize Extraordinary Hotel Talent

How can Hotels find qualified candidates in today’s disruptive economy? It doesn’t matter if you call next-generation hoteliers Millennials or Generation Z your Hotel need to execute awareness, creativity and innovation to catch extraordinary Hotel talent.

The traditional CVs with bullets capturing jobs well done those days are over. Don’t get stuck in old fashion thinking believing you can teach an old dog new tricks. The young generation today has information at their fingertips, and they know how to use it to their advantage. We have discovered that information is no longer static, but a dynamic force that moves at the speed of lightning.

It’s no longer about what you have done in the past, but how you can solve a problem in the present.

Hire your most loyal fans

In the past when Hotels has hired they focused on longevity. It is time to make a shift towards finding the Hotel talent that will make a difference.

Today guest both require and anticipate more than a traditional lodging experience. Their guest experience will cover a multitude of events. It will be the Hotels job in the future to identify these events.

Hiring your Hotels most loyal fans is like implementing a megaphone that knows what your audience wants. They live in the present moment, and they are on top of the important information that matter. They live for the moment.

And they will also serve as your local volunteer firefighter that will assist your Hotel with proactive actions to prevent any concerns. When a concern arises they will not only take it to head-on with empathy, courtesy, and swift action but they bring with them their foot soldiers to assist.

They will help you amplify your listening and provide you with a community that helps your Hotel grow in the future.

Learn about your candidates footprints

Today with Social Media we all are leaving our footprints everywhere. You don’t need to read through a lengthy CV or call up any of their references. In less than one hour you could gather enough information to make an educated decision about a potential candidate today.

A word of caution here. As said we live in a disruptive economy, and many document their lives in ways that not always is beneficial. We all do mistakes, so look at the overall picture and identify patterns. Hotels did learn overtime to pick candidates through CVs. With Social Media, you have access to better tools that allow you to pick extraordinary Hotel talent.

Ask your Social community

Asking is a process that works well both ways. We often see creative people take the initiative to ask Hotels for a job even if the Hotel has not listed any job openings. This enables them to get a foot inside the door, and if they left their contact info this save recruiters time when there is an actual job opening.

With Social Media, Hotels has new alternative ways to ask their Social community. Creatively use your Social Profiles to seek out extraordinary Hotel Talent.

Convincing stories will add new juice to the conversion process. Customers will have a better understanding of how your Hotel can add new values to their experience.

Hiring exceptional talent that brings new life to your Hotel require new Social Media skill sets. Take advantage of these simples steps outlined here to get your Hotel started identifying and hiring next-generation hoteliers.

Seek out the storytellers

Storytellers are how savvy Hotel brands satisfy customers never-ending hunger for content.

With compelling characters, relatable plots and, most important, authenticity, these innovators are connecting with customers, guests, team members and other hoteliers on an emotional level.

Social Media will allow your Hotel to use creativity and fun. We all live for the moments. Bring new life to the hiring process.

Are Hotels creative enough finding extraordinary talent today?

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