How Travel For Real Juice up Loews Hotels Social Media Campaigns

Many Hotels struggle with making a real impact on Social Media. And Social Media ROI doesn’t meet their expectations.

What should Hotels do to make a real impact on Social Media?

Today Hotels have to include their guest in their Social Communities and find new ways to engage with them. This might appear a little unconventional for some Hotels. But it is a new reality.

Even if Social Media is real-time information, we mustn’t make it more complex than it is.

Innovation and creativity are the new frontiers that will help Hotels take advantage of their Social Communities.

The real key to understanding Social Media is to learn how Social Communities impact what information will be shared and flagged as important.

And Social Communities is all about Storytelling and use their stories to influence their friends and networks.

Loews Hotels capture ‘Self-Determined’ guests

Loews Hotel target transient and group guest they defined as ‘self-determined’. These are very frequent travelers, open to risk, entrepreneurial, with diverse life ambitions.

No doubt this represents an edgy Social Community that is on top of Social and New Media. Loews has taken advantages of the Images guest capture and allowed the guest to define the Hotel Storyboard.

And Loews allows guest to share their story on the Hotels Website and Instagram. But they are not stopping there, they have also brought the #TravelForReal momentum to Twitter.

When your guest creates your Hotel Storyboard like this that is when Social Communities and the Social Media eco-systems start working together.

Impress Guests at Every Corner with Stellar Amenities

What will happen if you take Loews Hotels targeted market segment and provide them with stellar amenities?

Gallup’s 2014 Hospitality Industry study analyzed six distinct segments of the hotel market luxury, upper upscale, upscale, upper midscale, midscale, and economy — to discover what guests want from hotels. The findings illuminate what guests look for in a first booking as well as what engages them and drives their repeat business.

Every hotel should make engaging customers its primary goal, because fully engaged guests those who are emotionally attached to a brand provide a financial premium, regardless of the market segment. Customers who are fully engaged are less sensitive to price because of their emotional connection with the brand moderates their concerns about cost. This holds for every segment in this study and every industry Gallup has studied.


Hotels can be prone to “gold plating,” or adding services and products that increase cost but don’t necessarily boost market share. To avoid this trap, hoteliers must understand which products and services are meaningful to the customers they want to attract so they can offer amenities that will entice customers without increasing the price to a level that will drive guests away.

Gallup’s analysis shows that overall, customers strongly agree with eliminating specific services such as the Hotel retail shop, the hotel bar, concierge services, in-room dining, the fitness facility, and luggage services to pay less for their stay. Customers in every segment strongly agree with doing away with the hotel retail shop. Luxury and upper-upscale guests strongly agree with jettisoning luggage services, while upscale and upper-midscale guests would give up in-room dining.

Guests overall strongly agree that they would be willing to pay much more for significantly improved services such as Internet connectivity, comfortable beds, and responsive employees. Luxury guests strongly agree with keeping and improving comfortable beds, in-room dining, and responsive employees, while customers in all other segments strongly agree with keeping and improving Internet connectivity, comfortable beds, and responsive employees.


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