Are you taking the proper actions to keep your hotel safe for visitors?

Due to the competitive nature of the hotel industry, it is crucial to exceed your visitors’ expectations in all aspects. A successful hotel establishment will continuously find ways to better its services, which helps it flourish and significantly increase profit. 

Besides offering top-notch services, your hotel should make the safety of its visitors a primary concern, and all the safety precaution measures should be in place at all times to avoid accidents. 

Accidents could be anything from a broken back due to a slippery floor to as big as a fire spread due to faulty smoke detectors or sprinklers. Furthermore, your hotel should be aware of premises liability laws that can lead to a lawsuit caused by negligence in keeping the hotel safe for visitors.

Below are ways to ensure that your visitors are safe and secure: 

1. Know Your Staff

As a hotel owner or prospective business owner, it is essential to know your employees. However, it can be challenging to know all their names, but knowing their faces and assigned areas is vital. 

You should also officially introduce yourself to your staff and create a friendly environment for them to work in. This builds trust and encourages them to work towards making the hotel flourish. Consequently, the motivated team will execute all the services as required, ruling out negligence and promoting the visitors’ safety.

2. Install CCTV Cameras

Installing security cameras is a common practice in most businesses. It gives your visitors a sense of safety since the activities around them are monitored. However, having a surveillance system is not enough if there are no assigned persons to observe it and look out for threats. Therefore, a third party should be present. 

3. Have an Emergency Evacuation Plan

We can’t stop disasters from happening, but we can prepare ourselves adequately for what is to come. Therefore, your employees should be conversant with the workplace’s emergency procedures and know all the exits, stairways, lifts, or escalators on each floor.

Having an evacuation plan will ensure that your visitors are safely led out of the building when there is a fire emergency or an attack on the hotel. There should also be regular staff briefings to remind the employees of what is required of them during an emergency.

4. Have a Visitor Management System 

Having a visitor management system should be a common practice in any hotel. Some visitors give false information for malicious reasons or are on the hotel grounds for ill motives such as stealing from the hotel or visitors. 

Therefore, verifying guest information and monitoring the hotel’s activities are essential to promote security. Moreover, visitors should be advised to lock their doors to avoid compromising situations with guests who will threaten their safety. 

5. Use Equipment Properly

You have to ensure that your staff gets professional training on using various equipment to avoid gas leakages or electrical hazards. Moreover, there should be a strict policy on which employees can access certain equipment to prevent emergencies. A great example is an employee tampering with a surveillance system. 

Is the Safety of Your Hotel Visitors Important?

Yes, it is. Your visitors need to feel safe and secure from the moment they check in to when they leave your hotel, and your employees play a significant role in ensuring their safety. Therefore, make sure that you incorporate workable staff shifts to ensure the effective execution of services.

If your employees work for long hours without breaks, they tend not to be thorough and cause accidents. A great example is when an employee forgets to clean a spill and causes a visitor to fall and hurt.

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