Kick off your Asian restaurant in social media!

Asian restaurant owners live their lives in a vulnerable position. They ARE their brand, their food, their flavor, their quality, their price, their availability, and they are worth. The reputation of any restaurant is at the mercy of the customer. While social media for restaurant owners offers tools to spread the word about a product, ultimately, even they depend on the feedback of consumers.

A company Facebook page helps customers to decide where to eat. We must make the good, the bad, and the ugly fit in one same platform. Kick-off your restaurant with these 5 tips and a Facebook’s performance of Fantasia Brisbane.

1. Be ever-present

Customers ask questions and leave comments on every social media platform. Their feedback is the backbone of your reputation. Monitor how people respond to your Asian restaurant in social media. Most importantly, always respond. The interaction between owner and customer leads to effective communication, rather than one-sided criticism. Always be there for them. Always.

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2. Make them feel like they know you

Show “behind the scenes” clips and pictures of things are done in your business. Provide potential customers a unique view “from the inside” that makes them feel part of a VIP experience. Refer to your top cooks by first name (or rank and first name such as: “Sous Chef Frank”), and show the world that you are more than just a business; that you are a family, and that the client can also be a part of that family. Your Asian restaurant is much more than just a company Facebook page or an Instagram account.

Asian restaurant friendship

3. Pics, pics,and more pics

If you are willing to give your business all that you got, why not take a course on food and still life photography? High definition cameras make everything look as real as possible. Give potential customers a glimpse of the best tasting dishes your restaurant has to offer anywhere you have an account in social media for restaurant clients. In a day and age where crystal clear imagery is possible, restaurant owners everywhere must take advantage of digital photography, filtering, and even Photoshop, to boost their fare with the best visuals possible.

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4. Daily coupon

You are in control of what you give your customers. Offer discounts for food items that tend to go a bit slow in your business, but change the options. Changing the options keeps the transparency of your business. People will not feel as though you are forcing them to eat a certain thing. Just offer something different every day at a lower price, and set a time limit as to when the coupon will be available. NOTE: Do not make it harder on the customer to cash in the coupon. Maintain your work ethic of offering great things at competitive prices.

fantasia Australia coupons

5. Transparency

Transparency is not a buzz word. It is the essence of customer service. If you own a company Facebook page, be willing to listen to feedback, respond to your customer’s comments, and be ready to change as you go. Sometimes customers complain or rant online. It is OK. Unless they are doing it viciously, be willing to take their input and respond kindly all the time. Transparency is honesty. Honesty is one thing that is making a huge difference these days between a good company and a great one.



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This post comes from Sarah Smith, who writes for Noosh Catering. The folks at Noosh are always working closely with hoteliers to ensure that conferences and big events hosted on hotel premises are memorable experiences.

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