For millennials experience is everything!

When millennials are planning their travel journey they tend to look for new experiences, especially those that are authentic to a given area of the country.

62% of US Travelers indicate that when they on a vacation, the most important thing for them is to experience the authentic culture of the place.

Shareability is a key component of the experience for Millennials

Authenticity may be as crucial to Millennials as it is to the Baby boomer generation, but shareability is a key driver for their overall experience.

Social Media has become the new way to share a travel journal. But Millennials is not only looking to share a story they wish they were more like their Social Media selves.

For us a Social Media marketers we work hard to understand what lays behind this self-conscious complexity. Because when you understand this picture then you understand the triggers that significantly impact how and why Millennials make their travel decisions.

Millennial travelers want to leave their Hotel rooms. The increasing popularity of more social lobby areas, with lots of space to plug in and work as well as socialize, is a testament to the fact that millennial travelers are less likely to sit hunched over their Hotel room desk when traveling for business or pleasure.

One interesting fact about Millennials is that 98 percent has ranked ‘eating local cuisine’ as something very important when they travel.

And the most popular Social Networks use when they travel is Facebook and Instagram.

One assumption many marketers have made is that this generation is cash strapped, and many Hotels has designed their products and service. This is not correct when they prioritize their primary focus is on the experience. And if you the how and why Millennials make their travel decisions experience will outpace spending on other items.

When I looked at what inspires Millennial travel one of the most interesting details I found was that rather being a spark, inspirations are more akin to a state of being driven by the perpetual scroll of the newsfeed.

2 of 5 indicates that vacation decision is influenced by what they see on their Social Networks.

Millennials have been defined as digital hoarders. They collect a lot of content and images, and from there they curate the content based on the commonality they find with Social Network friends that influence them.

They also tend to make crowdsourced decisions. The people that influence them most often are people that are considered experts in given areas. These people often connect within various communities like review sites, blogs, travel forums, friends, family or Social Networks.

And in US 68% % are willing to share personal data in exchange for recommendations, advice/tips, or personalized service provision.

The World of Millennial Travel Infographic

The World Of Millennials Travel

Credit: The Dunloe


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