Mobile App provides easy access to Hotel Services

Mobile Apps has become an important component for consumers processing information relevant both to their booking decision, and adding additional values to their experience.

Consumers did for a long period prefer Mobile Apps for Social Networking, music and games. For everything else, they preferred to browse Mobile Websites.

In 2013 App became a major buzz word. Maybe a little overused, never the less Mobile Apps became more relevant for consumers.

And in May 2014 comScore reported that Apps now drive half of all time spent on Digital.


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The Perfect Guest Experience just one tap away


My friends at MobileSuites provides consumers with access to over 700 Hotels. You can search your current location, or turn on GPS to see nearby locations.

As a Hotel guest MobileSuites let you flip through to an easy-to-navigate interface to see current services the Hotel offers. Then the guest can make instant requests to in-house services like; room-service, housekeeping, spa service or valet.

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MobileSuites Functionality

A great app today has to provide efficient front-end and back-end options for Hotels. MobileSuites allows guests to access hotel services (room service, taxis, amenities etc.) at any hotel they stay at.

MobileSuites provides front-end functionality like;

Visual Concierge: Giving the guest ability to engage with staff, no matter where they go. Guest can request services like taxi or restaurant reservations.

Request Management: Your Hotels staff will be given access to a cloud-based web interface, to receive and respond to requests made by your guests.

Reporting: Monthly and on-demand reports tailored to your property, so you can track guest feedback, monitor F&B revenues, and measure guest engagement with all of your property’s services.

Back-end benefits;

Guest Engagement: Guests gain the ability to engage with your staff and interact with your services, even when they’re not on the property. They enjoy a seamless extension of their hotel experience—one that fits in their pocket.

Revenue: On-site services see greater revenues from improved guest engagement. Restaurants, spas, and in-room dining all see improvements in guest traffic and spending.

Staff Efficiency: Front office staff save time by responding to guest requests through our web interface. They spend less time on the phone and more time interacting with the guests in the hotel lobby.

Mobile apps can currently be used to do almost anything (hotel booking, airline check-in, restaurant delivery, etc) – but for some reason, this mobile control stops once you enter your hotel. Simultaneously hotels are losing money on ancillary revenue because disruptive startups (Seamless, OpenTable, etc) have made it easier for guests to go outside the hotel than to order inside it. By putting hotel services at every hotel on our single app, MobileSuites give guests the mobile service they expect in all other areas of their life into their hotel stay.

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MobileSuites are going to launch their private beta within the next 6 weeks which will allow guests to requests these services at hundreds of hotels including (almost) every Westin, W Hotel, Le Meridien, St. Regis Hyatt, Hyatt Place, Hyatt Regency and Grand Hyatt in America. The guests have access to all of these properties from a single app. There will continuously be adding brands to the hotel to make it even more comprehensive for hotel guests.

I hereby invite to check out MobileSuites.


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