Most Wanted Hotel Amenities for Business Travelers

Hotel guests expect more than a just place to stay. They seek comfort, security, friendly customer service, and many other amenities. By meeting and exceeding all of your guests’ expectations, you are setting your hotel up for success. Return guests not only pay more on average than new guests, but they will sing the praises of your hotel as well, both through social media and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Business travelers who spend much of their time on the road are especially likely to choose a hotel based on amenities and experience rather than price. They especially value the comforts of home while living out of a suitcase. Business travelers are also well versed in what hotels offer, and therefore, have high expectations for their stay.

To ensure that all of your guests have an excellent experience, especially business travelers, successful hotels make sure they provide the most wanted hotel amenities.

Complimentary Breakfast recently asked 1,000 travelers which amenities they prefer when shopping for a hotel room. A complimentary breakfast ranked number one followed by a restaurant in the facility. Because food is so vital (and often very expensive when traveling), it makes sense that easily accessible food would be important to travelers. In fact, 63 percent of business travelers claim that a complimentary breakfast “greatly influences” their decision to book a hotel room.

Free WiFi

The need to stay connected is becoming more of a necessity than an amenity. According to a survey by TripAdvisor, 85 percent of travelers consider in-room WiFi access to be the most important amenity they look for in a hotel. Community access to the internet is also important, but bandwidth must be able to support high levels of activity in all locations throughout the hotel. This can be a challenge when multiple guests are trying to access the internet from several devices, but it is a challenge that must be addressed. Especially for business travelers, access to reliable WiFi can be a dealbreaker when they have work to do online.


Travelers are unfortunately vulnerable to theft, especially when staying in foreign locations. Though there are several precautionary steps a traveler can take to ensure the safety of themselves and their belongings, equipping each room with a secure safe will help assure them that their valuables are safe from criminal activity.

In-room safes vary in size, which may or may not suffice to hold electronics like laptops, so a larger safe at the front desk is also recommended. Just be sure to change the master code for each safe and protect all codes from sneaky bystanders.

24 Hour Front Desk Service

People run on different schedules, so don’t limit front desk services to specific times of the day. To ensure your guests are well taken care of, front desk service should be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether guests require razors for an early business meeting or need toothpaste and extra blankets late at night, they should have access to service the moment they need it. In fact, 24-hour front desk service is one of the top five requests for business travelers, so don’t skimp on the late-night employee shifts.

Conference Room

Business travelers shouldn’t have to limit their productivity because they are away from the office. As one of the top requirements for business travelers, a fully-equipped conference room should be on-site and accessible at all times. This is especially important for business professionals who work with people in different time zones. Conference rooms or business centers should include a wireless internet connection, printers, scanners, copy machines, and of course, computers.

Hangers, Irons, and Ironing Boards

Wrinkled clothing straight out of a suitcase is not acceptable professional attire. Make sure your guests can pull themselves together by including plenty of hangers, an ironing board, and iron in their closet. If stocking each room with iron is impractical for your particular hotel, at least, keep some at the front desk for guest use by request. Hairdryers are also a common request.

Free Parking

Whether driving their vehicle or renting from a car rental company, business travelers need to cut expenses wherever possible. This is especially so if their company restricts their travel budget. Offer your guests free parking during their stay if possible to make the trip less stressful and encourage future bookings.

Keep Business Travels Happy With Top Amenities

For business travelers, frequent nights in a hotel room are just part of the job. By ensuring that you address their unique business travel needs, you can increase the likelihood that these frequent travelers will choose your hotel again and again. Your hotel will also increase its ROI, boost guest satisfaction, and build a strong company brand that will receive attention and praise. There’s no better marketing to a business traveler than a strong recommendation from a fellow business traveler.


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