Are you frustrated over how the digital disruption impact your Hotels growth and momentum? What if I told you that new exiting Conversation Experience Marketing provides further evidence of new growth and momentum for the Hotel Industry.

Don’t worry you are not alone! A lot of Hotels today are seeking the answers that will unlock the secrets of tapping into new uncontested markets in today’s digital market space.

And for Hotels that are struggling to tap into existing market segments, these tactics are for you also.

Why Conversation Experience really matter

Customer Experience is nothing new for the Hotel Industry, it is something that always been part of the foundation of Hospitality.

With new technology and tools available both for customers and the Hotel what matters today is the real time interactions.

And the new technology and tools provide Hotels with unprecedented opportunities to collect and analyze data on the fly.

Conversation Experience Marketing opens the digital doors to new Human to Human conversations meeting customer wherever and whenever they want.

This will require Hotels to implement a 360-holistic perspective of the customer experience in real time.

Customers today are more connected than ever to Hotel brands through Social Media, SMS, apps, email, Chatbots and call centers. They want their expectations not just met but also exceeded.

And today customer is no longer loyal to any specific brand like many Hotels experienced in the past. They are now loyal to the best customer experience they can get.

By 2020 Hotels are no longer competing on price, but the best customer experience provided.

Value your Customer again

Customers are increasingly expecting their relationship with Hotels to become a Human to Human connection, where the experience is focused around value creation and personalization.

Many Hotels today have tried their best to stay clear of the digital disruption with focus on traditional Hotel Marketing techniques.

We are at a time where we have to stake out a new path for the Hotel Industry.

Change is never easy, and there is no exception when it comes to digital disruption. For many Hotels, it can appear a bit intimidating and overwhelming.

As indicated earlier the customer experience in itself is nothing new for Hotels.

What is new is that we now have advanced technology and tools to our disposal to scale today’s conversations.

The good news is that new technology and tools provide Hotel Marketers with opportunities to create new effective frameworks, a new inbound culture, and experience throughout the entire customer journey.

Many Hotels and brands, in general, have misinterpreted Social Media Marketing. It has been a little business as usual where the primary focus been on numbers first.

The biggest shift today for Hotels is to start to focus on the customers lifetime value and retention.

To me Hospitality is Art. It is like the painter that uses a combination of colors to create a picture. And we all will have a different perspective on how we view the finished product. The key is to bring out the commonalities that tell us that this is an experience we want to share with others.

Today Hotels has an unprecedented opportunity to enable a shift from competing to creating.

Part of taking a step backward is to get a clear understanding of where your Hotel stands today.

It is important to have a full and honest understanding of your Hotels current picture.

Make sure you have a good understanding of;

  • The current state of your Hotel overall business
  • The assumptions and perceptions your Hotel acts on
  • What factors your Hotel and other Hotels in the area compete on

Often when looking at these factors it is amazing how similar Hotels are. In many cases, they compete on the same set of factors and carry out almost to the point similar Hotel marketing campaigns.

Team happiness has increasingly become an imperative for Hotels.

Several types of research and data show the importance of inducing happiness in your Hotel.

Happy customers tend to take actions that are in favor of your Hotel. Rather focus on numbers, think of the additional value that comes from the Human to Human connections.

Delight and surprise on Autopilot

With new technology and new tools come new opportunities to scale conversation experience marketing.

Customers today travel with three to four smart devices, and this is what they turn to when they do their research and real-time decisions.

Hotels are now providing a personalized customer experience through Facebook Messenger.

Data from Statista show us that:

  • 72% of people use less than 7 apps a day
  • Over 2.5 million people use messaging apps
  • The Facebook app has the highest reach among mobile users in the US, while Facebook Messenger now has the second-highest reach among mobile users in the US

Facebook has put in a lot of effort to help both Hotels and customers by turning Facebook Messenger into a portal where the Social Media engagement turns into real-time conversion.

It is now a growing trend in the Hotel digital experiences using chatbots to engage customers in conversational mode. For Hotels, this opens a new world to implement known services in a new way.

The chatbot becomes an extension of your Hotel brand and voice. These are reflected in the little details like the name you give your Hotel chatbot and the big details like the design of the conversation your Hotel chatbot uses to interact with your customers.

The real power of chatbot is the ability to create and implement effect conversations on autopilot.

Are you ready for a new journey and learn how you can put your Hotels Conversation Experience Marketing on Autopilot?

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