New Powerful Journey to Revolutionize Content Marketing for Hotels

Customers first have been the common slogan for the Hotel Industry. We are now shifting towards the Customer Journey first.

It should be the goal of any Hotel to create an emotional bond with customers when they start their journey through the web. From inspiration and arousing of interest to the actual booking process – the challenge is to design each touch-point with your brand in a manner that feels perfect for your guest, for that is your only way of winning a customer.

Let me show an easy way for your Hotel to take part in the Customer Journey today.

jrrny content curation launched in early 2016 as a platform for travelers, bloggers, and hotels to share content on destinations from one place.

The platform not only has attracted over 3500 unique posts — they’re also generating traffic. As of June 2016, it has 110,000 unique visitors per month. attributed its growth factors to several items. Visitors appreciate the authentic content but also use a social network to “like” posts and get notified when others like their jrrny posts. Also, the site is completely mobile friendly.

jrrny customer experience

This allows the traveler to use this channel to tell an authentic story. The key for Hotels that want to succeed in today’s market is to become part of a completely successful customer experience.

Take advantage of unique platforms that allow you to learn more about the customer journey and how you can better position your Hotel to meet their needs.

Here is a piece is taken from Lofoten in Norway where the customer uses a unique image to describe the scenery. Why not then have rental bikes available for your Hotel Guests to experience the surrounding areas. Or collaborate with a business that provides this type of service, and sends them referrals.

jrrny Lofoten Norway

Here’s a sample B&B in Washington State that uses a list of things to do around the property. This is a great way to help your Hotel guests by telling their stories.

jrrny hotel marketing works with various Hotels to do paid posts where they promote the content to guarantee upwards of 5,000 views per individual article.

The unique part of this platform is that you hire will be able to take advantage of organic, paid, and earned content.

Content Marketing is Community Marketing

  • 78% of consumers believe that organizations providing custom content are interested in building good relationships – source: Altimeter
  • 61% of consumers are influenced by custom content – source: Dragon Search Marketing
  • Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads source: DemandMetric
  • Conversion rates are nearly 6x higher for content adopters than non-adopters – source: Aberdeen

The key for Hotels will be user-generated content. Why not then take advantage of the platform that makes this an easy process for everyone.

Millennials and younger generations today when making their educated purchase decision these are highly influenced by user-generated content. Primary this user-generated content comes through a trusted community.

65% of users aged 18-24 considered information shared on social networks when making a purchasing decision (source: eMarketer). On top of that, 2/3 of consumers use search engines to help them research and make purchase decisions (Source: eConsultancy). So if you haven’t already, get your brand visibility in the social sphere and search engines, and get control over your online reputation.

The Content Drivers

  • Connectivity – the quality, state, or capability of being connective or connected
  • Community – a group of people with a common characteristic or interest
  • Collaboration – to work with another person or group to achieve or do something
  • Reward – a stimulus administered to a person or group following a correct or desired response that increases the probability of occurrence of the response
  • Dynamic – characterized by constant change, activity, or progress

Snackable Content is a key element to your content marketing strategy. As attention spans decrease, consuming media in bite-sized pieces becomes more favorable. Why we snack on media is simply because we need something to keep our attention. Customers want something easy to access, easy to understand, and–for a lack of a better word–engaging.

Snackable content is content that is designed to be easy for readers to consume and to share. Social snackable content creates a scalable way to give your campaign a cohesive design across every channel.

Mobile-friendly content – about 60% of time spent on Social Media is a mobile device.

Jrrny helps generate Snackable Content in a very seamless way.

From Content to Conversion

Setting up the ultimate journey today includes a story that takes advantage of all types of user-generated content. Focus on the content that will help your Hotel exceed expectations. There is no market just for the content’s sake.

Your Hotels content today has to answer questions to relevant problems. If you get the community to answer these questions for you then you are dipping into the real power of Social Communities.

The human brain is more programmed for stories than abstract ideas. Let the story be what makes the difference for your Hotel.

Here are some difference-makers that already started their

featured clients

Independent hotels can realize the following benefits:

VIRAL WITHIN A COMMUNITY – Ability to share, upvote and promote content on site

FREE EXPOSURE – We guarantee people read about your destination, not just click on a page.

BOOKINGS – When you upload content, you can direct people directly to your booking engine.

BETTER SEO – Jrrny’s growing DA (domain authority) means your pages will be well indexed over time.

VALIDATION – People are reading about your destination from a third party

BLOGGER INFLUENCE – Jrrny has a growing community of bloggers where your destination will catch interest.

HELPS MULTIPLE STAKEHOLDERS – By enabling the rotation of content, you can ensure that you serve different stakeholders in your organization

The best part is that it is Free to join Jrrny. Now you can stare share your travel experience, and find and follow like-minded travelers.

Are you ready for a powerful journey with your Hotel’s customers? This is the moment where you finally can make an impact on new and renewed customers. Learn how you can start to make a new shift today below here.

Surprise and delight are what make dreams come true.


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Thanks to John Kueber for great assistance and contributions with this article. wants to help you find all the travel information you won’t find on “the other sites.” jrrnys are not reviews — they’re ideas for fun and unique travel ideas. We’re creating jrrny to create an easy way to share ideas with both pictures and writing, and to engage with other like-minded people.

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