Having a Hotel business is quite a very profitable venture, especially when you know you have a lot of customers arriving for the holidays, or if you know there’s a lot of people coming for accommodations.

When the tourist season is out, though, there are likely very little ways for you to get your name out there. Physically, that is, as the digital world is ripe with opportunities for you to get your Hotels to name out there out in the open.

One of the many ways you could attract visitors is through your Hotel website, as this is the first thing people see when it comes to your hotel. However, is it attractive enough? Here are some signs to check if your hotel website needs SEO help.

Interestingly, as you will eventually read below, just because you have a Hotel website doesn’t mean it will automatically bring in clients for you. A good website can be a powerful asset to you and your Hotel in the long run, but it can also break your business progress if you don’t use your website appropriately.

Below are a few signs you shouldn’t miss to determine if it’s time for you to get some additional help with your Hotel website.

According to Search Engine Journal, optimizing your blog and website is an integral part of your overall content marketing strategy. This is especially true if part of your goals is to ensure not only that your Hotel’s overall strategy is meeting your marketing objectives, but also that your Hotel business is capable of blooming in the long run.

Your Hotel Website Doesn’t Seem Attractive Enough

In the world of the digital, appearances matter. It doesn’t matter if you’re the best hotel in the world, if your website doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing, people from other countries might not appreciate your full splendor.

If you want to attract more visitors, physically, your website has to be able to attract visitors digitally as well. An SEO company can help your Hotel with that.

  • Is your website loading slowly, or are your images taking too long to load?
  • Is your website suffering from what appears to be too basic a layout that wouldn’t keep up with its peers?
  • Is your website lacking a mobile version?

The above is just some of the many aspects of your website that you may think are ordinary but are telltale signs that you need someone to manage your overall website’s appearance and change it for the better.

You Are Not Ranking In The Keywords You Want

One of the signs to check if you need SEO help is if you’re optimizing your content properly. Even if it’s for a Hotel website, you have to make sure the kind of keywords you use are appropriate for what you’re trying to rank for. If you’re not getting the kind of views you desire, this can be for a variety of reasons:

  • Are you using the correct terms that might mean a different thing? Or perhaps is it extremely general and common for others?
  • Are you using keywords too much in the same set of occurrences? Keyword stuffing, while you think it may help, can harm your site as search engines may think you’re simply trying to grab attention without sharing something meaningful. If you’re not careful, this can be the implication you’re giving to others. Overstuffing the keywords, you intend to use isn’t the way to go, so carefully tailoring your content as such is extremely important.

Background research may help in this situation, but perhaps hiring the services of an SEO company can help you not only rank for the keywords you want but rank for the right keywords that can best benefit your Hotel.

You Are Lacking Website KPIs

When it comes to creating Hotel websites, it’s not necessarily just a matter of making sure they’re pretty or not. Aside from making sure it ranks with the keywords you want, it has to be able to allow you to measure realistic targets for your overall performance and sales over a certain duration.

So, while Hotels don’t necessarily pay too much attention to SEO targets per se, how it affects marketing numbers are important. An SEO company can ensure you’re getting this properly, so you can properly assess how your website is directly affecting your company’s goals. You can track statistics such as:

  • Like the above, how keywords are ranking and how keyword opportunities and click-through rates can affect your website.
  • How your website is faring when it comes to your search tracking performance.
  • How your sites are affecting leads and revenues.

This might also help you understand just why exactly your Hotel website might not be ranking at times in the first place. SEO can tend to be all over the place, and not all numbers tend to be explained properly. It’s not always about “the views” you’re getting, as sometimes it’s about what’s happening inside those numbers that count.


Interestingly, if there’s anything the above have shared, it’s that regardless of whether or not your website follows good SEO standards, perhaps an integral element for your website’s survival is if it can adapt to the constantly shifting habits of search engine algorithms.

A professional SEO company like Ocean One SEO Edinburgh can help in this endeavor especially if you think your site is struggling as a whole. You don’t have to worry as much with SEO help, especially if you’re in Edinburgh, as companies specializing in SEO can help you understand just what it is you have to do to properly ensure SEO success for your site.


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