Kung Fu Panda - I LOVED IT!

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Are you engaging with your consumers? Do they really ‘Like’ you? Did you ask them ‘How Can I help you?’ Have you designed Social Call To Action on your Fan Page? Have you assigned your Username? or have you claimed your business on Places yet? Do you have a customized Welcome for your Fan Page? Have you tagged any of your consumers yet?

Are you looking for the secret ingredient in the Facebook Fan Page recipe that will unleash the power within you?

10 Reasons Why NOT Charge for Awesomeness and Attractiveness

If you are looking for Awesomeness and Attractiveness for you Facebook Fan Page then you have to start follow the recipe. We all start with serving noodles. NOTE: When the noodles don’t taste well anymore make adjustments plus rinse and repeat.

The Facebook Fan Page Noodle Recipe:

1. Start engage with your consumers
It will add the ability to share and comment on your consumers content.
2. Create engaging content
Engaging content will show up in the Facebook News Feed.
3. Tag your consumer
Tagging builds brand equity and is great way to show Social Goodwill.
4. Break from the pack
Be willing to take risks. Be a trend setter and start being in response mode.
5. Google It!
Be smart with your username. Facebook Fan Pages is extremely SEO friendly.
6. Shoot, Clip and spark interest
Embed exclusive Videos to your approach. Develop a cause, ignite passion and invite consumers to weigh in
7. Tweet It! Share It!
Connect your Facebook account with Twitter and your blog.
8. Make it more accessible with RSS
Utilize RSS applications to allow consumers to subscribe to your updates.
9. Measure performance
Facebook Insight offer valuable consumer information. Learn which content work best.
10. WOW them
Make a difference with your business. Make a difference in your community.

Finish as a Dragon Warrior

Over 250 million people visit Facebook daily. Just like the Kung Fu Panda you have to be willing to take some risks, and fight adversity. Create brand equity through building relationships, providing value, creating engaging content and care.

Be the best YOU of YOU. Remember the real secret ingredient in the recipe is just to discover the real YOU in YOU, and believe in yourself.

And a real Dragon Warrior goes for quality.

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What is your Facebook Fan Page Recipe?

(Ps. Leave me a link to your Fan Page so I can Check In with a ‘Like’)