Employee Happiness a Key Driver for Social Media Success

Happy Employees is unconventional in ways that add new values to the Customer Experience.

Unconventional employees don’t have limiting beliefs, and they will utilize Social Media to add value to all reference points of the Customer Experience.

Empower your Hotels employees to engage with customers. Hospitality is a trait that is part of your Employees genes. You will find the X-factor when allow your employees to bloom.

Customers today wants to take part of forming their experience. Utilize your employees as performers that becomes part of their story.

It is the story that brings the customers back to your Hotel, it is the story the customers share with their network.

Passion, strengths, purpose and character are the essence of your employees trait. Employee Happiness will grown when you empower these traits. Desire, willingness and mindset can all be trained.

Inspire Happiness with some data from my friends at Happometer.

happometer infographic

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Happometer – Imagine your operations in 3D…or imagine your team bitten by a radioactive spider.
Now that’s a superpower!

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